Best Cloud Based File Backup Software Tools: 2022 Edition

Backup software tools are necessary for different scenarios like office works, college documentation works, personal photos, videos, conversations, and many more. Because of all these, the files may occur to the deletion at some point due to some reasons. To prevent malware attacks, unwanted deletion of files, or due to storage full on your device backup is the primary solution. Backup your data is the same as a copy of an original file in the electric/digital format. When the data loss happens, the below lists of the software tools will restore all the original contents.

How to choose the best Cloud-Based File Backup Software Tool

According to the current situation, losing a small fraction of data may cost a lot. To prevent all these kinds of problems, daily backup of your data in a protected manner is necessary, especially for businesses.

To avoid time and strength, we have different software tools to backup and restore your data. The simple backup software is file synchronization by connecting to cloud storage accounts. It is very tricky to select the best cloud-based file backup software tool because everyone is good at their terms as well as providing the services to the customers.

You have to choose it, taking into consideration security, encryption options, accessibility of the data to manage. From these points, you have to analyze what the software tools are trying to control the customers and what they offer to the businesses? Make sure with the procedures and policies and then pick your right device. For more details, here are some of the tools we provide and look at them


Best Free Cloud-Based File Backup Software Tool

1. Google Drive | Best Cloud Based Backup Software for storage and syncing

Suppose you want to save all kinds of data, files, and other types of information that are available on your desktop. The predominant tool is here to protect your data, i.e., Google Drive. You can use this product for free up to 15GB of storage, and it is one of the perfect tools to keep the stuff. It allows you to upload any file and store it from your operating system, SD Cards. Even it is easy access to find the content on any type of device like a tablet, mobile phone from this tool. Along with that, it can save photos and videos through the Google Photos application. So, Backup all your content to the cloud and enable it to work seamlessly.


  • From any browser, you can search and view the backup files.
  • It can access to open the file, manage, and edit files.
  • Easy to sync any file
  • It protects all your files and as well as photos.
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Pricing: Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage. More storage options are available, starting from ₹130/month for 100 GB of storage.

2. Mega | Best End-to-End Encrypted Cloud Based File Backup Tool

MEGA is a secured cloud storage file backup software tool with end-to-end encryption for the users. It helps to access and store all types of data within your web browser with a high range of security. Mega allows access on all kinds of devices like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry. Don’t think about the budget, this tool is available for free to store up to 15GB and beyond it will charge. You can browse and install this tool in Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. For the enormous transfer of files, it needs an extension facility also for more security purposes.


  • Secured Access
  • Secure Collaboration for the users
  • Excellent end-to-end encryption

Pricing: 50GB of storage is available for free of cost. For various options, go for a pro account and get 2 months free for a one-year pro-plan.

  • Start with secure file storage in Pro-Lite version costs INR 442.53/month
  • Pro I offers secure cloud storage, communication, and sharing costs INR 885.95/month
  • In the Pro II version, you have plenty of secure cloud storage services INR 1772.79/month
  • To store more data, the Pro III version is a perfect choice as it costs INR 2659.62/month

3. Dropbox | Best Backup and Sync tool for safety Purposes

Dropbox is a cloud-based file backup tool for people to sync the files with ease. Dropbox will help you to work smarter and make things simpler. Being at work means having a lot of mess, documents, conversations, files, folders, and many more. Time to get smarter, so keep all your data in dropbox as it saves all the information. Coming to the price range, it offers both free and business plans. Before proceeding, go for a free trial and then pick your right plan according to your workspace. It is one of the best backup and sync tools that can be suitable for all security issues.


  • Store files and access from anywhere
  • Bring all your content together
  • Work smarter from your computer
  • Can connect your tools to dropbox
  • Give the right people the right access
  • Easily notified
  • Can protect files from unwanted deletions, edits, hackers, and viruses
  • Keeps any kind of data in safe hands
  • Simple to use

Pricing: Available for free and offers a free trial for your professional purposes.

  • For individuals, Dropbox plus costs $9.99/month
  • For individual professional costs $16.58/month
  • For a standard team, it costs $12.50/month
  • Advanced features $20/month per user
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4. OneDrive | Best Cloud Based File Backup Hosting Service

Again, OneDrive belongs to the software organization Microsoft. It is the best file-sharing services and synchronization as this is a free cloud storage tool. Mostly suitable for businesses and allows on devices Windows, Android, and iOS. It is a secured file storage and sharing software with various options for enterprises and corporations.


  • Easy to backup all your files.
  • You can create and edit OneNote, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, files from any browser with Office Online.
  • Manage data between OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • Access files anywhere at any time.
  • 24/7 web and phone support.

Pricing: Free of cost up to 5GB of storage and offers different plans for homes and businesses.

OneDrive for Home (6 people):

  • For 365 family INR 5299.00/Year of 6TB of storage
  • Microsoft 365 personal, INR 4199.00/Year with 1TB of storage
  • OneDrive standalone storage of 100GB INR 140/month

OneDrive for Business:

  • OneDrive Business for file sharing and storage Plan 1 INR 330/month per user.
  • For plan 2 INR 660/month per user with advanced security and compliance capabilities
  • Microsoft 365 Business basic INR 125/month per user
  • Microsoft 365 Business standard INR 660/month and can try free for one month for this version for office apps, class emails, and storage services.

Best Paid Cloud Based File Backup Software Tool for Enterprise

1. Amazon S3 Backup | Best Cloud Based File Backup for Web Services

Description: It is a simple storage service that offers data availability, performance, security, and industry-leading scalability. It is useful for the customers to store and protect the data for a wide range of uses like big data analytics, IoT, enterprises. It organizes all your data to backup and restores it on the cloud. The Amazon S3 Backup is designed for storing millions of data and its durability.


  • Centralized Backup management
  • Policy-based backup solution
  • Tag-based backup policies
  • Automated backup scheduling
  • Automated retention management
  • Backup automated monitoring
  • Incremental backups
  • Backup data encryption
  • Amazon EC2 instance backups
  • Item level recovery for Amazon EFS
  • Cross-region backup
  • Cross-account backup

Pricing: Amazon S3 Backup has several pricing tiers, and several pricing factors based on storage and bandwidth, starting with the first 50 TB/Month – $0.023 per GB for storage and $0.0125 per GB transferred. For more storage and transfer.

2. Google Cloud Backup | Best Cloud Based Automatic File Backup Software

Google Cloud Backup is a tool designed for the long-term storage of unlimited data. Meet the needs of the enterprises without compromising to store the data with a high range of security. When it comes to the pricing, it ranges from $0.0012 per GB per month to only $1.23 per TB per month. The Google Cloud Backup is the cost-effective backup tool for your data. This tool has a great storage option and can experience the content automatic file backup software. It is very suitable for Google specified and multi-cloud architectures.

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  • Search and view files
  • Can open the files, manage, and edit them.
  • Easy to sync any file.
  • The app protects all your files and as well as photos.

Pricing: Based on the storage and bandwidth Google Cloud Backup offers different pricing tiers. In real-world scenarios, the pricing starts from $300 in free credits with 20+ free products.

3. Backblaze | Best Cloud Based Online File Backup Server

This tool is to store your data on the cloud. Backblaze is simple, easy to use, fast, and available for a low cost. The important thing about this tool is to provide unlimited storage of your data on the cloud on any kind of device. It has three different versions of backup, like personal backup, business backup, and B2 cloud storage.


  • Allows searching for your backup.
  • Save your backup version.
  • Use it anywhere at any time.
  • You can schedule Backups.
  • Offers unlimited backup speed.

Pricing: Backblaze offers simple pricing for unlimited data with a free trial. For personal backup, it costs $6/month, $60/year, and $110/2-year. These prices are declared per computer with additional taxes. For businesses, $5/month per TB.

In this article, we have covered what cloud-based file backup is and its best software tools. All the above tools are available for free and paid versions and pick the best plan which suits your business. You need to check everything on all the cloud based file backup services for long-term storage of your data. All these backup files are to prevent the loss of data from different viruses or any other corruptions. The backup software tools will work as a safeguard for all your data when any unwanted deletion of files occurs. The main thing is to protect all the data from cyber-attacks/data breaches. By using an external drive, you can backup your data or else backup over the internet or by using any cloud storage services. Our recommendation is to use Google Drive or Microsoft’s OneDrive to backup your data.