Best Data Backup Software Tools for Android: 2022 Edition

The data backup application is about where you can get a copy of the original document to be stored. It is to prevent when you lose the data due to some malware attacks or lose it by mistake. Data backup processes can do with ease as they can save time as well as resources. It will be protected and also have the possibility to give access and also to share them with trusted contacts.

Nowadays, our mobile phones have been playing a keen part in our lives, and we are supposed to store different information in them. Photos, Videos, Documents, and many more are available on our android devices, and it is necessary to back up all of them with the help of a data backup software tool. Because, when mobile phones are caught with cyber thefts, hardware failure, Malicious attack, loss of data by mistake, or in case of any failure occurs.

If you want to prevent the data from any of these suspicious activities, you must need the best data backup software tools for your android.

How to choose the best Data Backup Software for Android?

Everyone has their personal information on their android mobiles, and you have to keep them safe through a backup process. It is always good to keep a copy of all your details of the personal data with the help of some popular data backup tools. Suppose you want to choose the best data backup software tools, in that case, you must have a look at whether it is safe and secure, access to view whenever you need, can be sharable and downloadable if necessary, and finally have a huge storage capacity to keep all your data in it. By checking all these terms, you’re able to choose the best of it. Here, in this article, we’re giving a list of freemium and premium data backup software apps, have a look into it.

Best Freemium Cloud Data Backup Software for Android

Take a look at the freemium cloud data backup software for android devices which can help you store, manage, and retrieve key documents.

1. Google Drive | Best Data Backup and Synchronization Tool

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best free data backup tools for android that was introduced for free of cost for all android device users. But what does it do and what it offers us when we use this app? Let’s find out!

What is the first thing when you look for data backup software tools for your android device? Safety is more important to prefer now than ever. There had been a lot of competition between the best data backup apps for android devices. But, it is a predominant tool that prioritizes safety to backup as well as access all your files from any device. The best thing is that it has the quick accessibility of important and recent files. For Google accounts, it provides storage of about 15GB absolutely for free, and for additional purposes, Google Drive offers a subscription plan starting at the range of $1.99/month for 100 GB. The pricing of Google Drive varies based on the location/region. Furthermore, Google Drive has the option to set permissions for the files and folders. It provides some of the facilities that a user needs according to their devices and checks them below.

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  • Google Drive on Android allows you to upload and access files stored on your Google account.
  • Google Drive allows the users to create new files and folders.
  • It lets you scan the document and save it as a PDF.
  • It lets you backup your Android phone’s data on Google Drive.
  • This will share existing files on your Google Drive with other users.
  • Can view your content on the go while offline.
  • Can receive notifications about important activity on your files.

Pricing: Available for free of cost up to 15GB of storage used for personal purposes. Can start a free trial if you are likely to go with premium plans that offer extra. Here are the pricing details.

  • For 100GB of storage, INR 1300/Year
  • 200GB of storage, INR 210/month and 2100/year
  • For 2TB, INR 650/month

2. Mega | Best Data Storage Tool for Android Devices

Mega is a free data storage tool for android devices, and for more additional features, it offers a subscription plan to use. It is a complete user-controlled encrypted cloud storage tool, and all the data will be encrypted and decrypted by client devices only. The main qualities of this app are search, store, download, stream, view, share, rename or delete your files. Now let’s get on with its list of the features.


  • Mega is all about provided with end-to-end encryption
  • Secure global access from any device
  • Can share your folders and files with your contact members with high security
  • Easy to use
  • It is used with the help of a browser interface
  • Will support both Mobile and PC
  • File Sharing and Syncing
  • Privacy, Speed, and Secure

Pricing: 50GB of storage is available for free of cost. For various options, go for a pro account and get 2 months free for a one-year pro-plan.

  • Start with secure file storage in Pro-Lite version costs INR 442.53/month
  • Pro I offers secure cloud storage, communication, and sharing costs INR 885.95/month
  • In the Pro II version, you have plenty of secure cloud storage services INR 1772.79/month
  • To store more data, the Pro III version is a perfect choice as it costs INR 2659.62/month

3. Dropbox | Best Automatic Backup Software for Android


The top-on-the-list for every data backup software tool for android is Dropbox which is privacy storage with a complete data backup. What’s more? It lets you upload and transfer files to the cloud and also allows them to share with anyone. No matter where you are, the specialty of dropbox will back up and sync docs, photos, videos, and other files to cloud storage. At the same time, it will access any type of device including android mobiles. For more advanced features, it has subscription plans, and to experience all those features signup for a free trial. It is a great tool to store, secure, and organize all your sensitive documents. So let’s dive deeper into some more details about this cool automatic backup software tool for android.

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  • Automatically upload the videos and photos from your camera roll to cloud photo storage in the background for easy video sharing and photo sharing.
  • Access any file in your account even offline and preview over 175 different file types without special software requirements.
  • Can easily send the large files by copying and pasting a link that you can give to anyone and even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.
  • It can scan the documents, receipts, IDs, photos, and more using your device and transform them into high-quality PDFs, so you can view and send them anywhere.
  • It can sync the folders on your device to Dropbox with computer backup and recover the older versions or restore the deleted files with version history and file recovery.

Pricing: Available for free and offers a free trial for your professional purposes.

  • For individuals, Dropbox plus costs $9.99/month
  • For individual professional costs $16.58/month
  • For a standard team, it costs $12.50/month
  • Advanced features $20/month per user

4. Google Photos | Best Unlimited Backup Tool for Android

Google Photos

If you’re looking for ample storage and backup software tool for android, then Google Photos will be the home to organize all your photos, videos automatically. It is a versatile data backup software tool, which allows you to share them easily. It is a mixture of essential and additional features like shared albums, an advanced editing suite, and the list mentioned below.


  • Free storage up to 15GB of photos, videos, documents, files, and many more
  • Free up your device space with just one tap
  • Smart Automatic albums/ automatic creations
  • Advanced editing suite
  • Fast and Powerful search
  • Live albums and Photobooks
  • Shared libraries with your contacts
  • It can send photos, videos, files within seconds

Pricing: Available for Free of cost.

5. Google Backup (Google sync) | Best Auto-Sync Data Software for mobiles

Google Backup

Adding Google Backup to your android device helps get upload and store files from any folder. It even allows you to find any content, once the data is auto-sync to the cloud from your device. It is as simple to use as any other data backup software tool. Step ahead towards this free data backup software tool with a high range of privacy.

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  • Search and view the files from any browser.
  • Open, manage, and can edit the files.
  • Easy to sync the files.
  • It will protect all your files and as well as photos.

Pricing: Based on the storage and bandwidth Google Cloud Backup offers different pricing tiers. In real-world scenarios, the pricing starts from $300 in free credits with 20+ free products.

Best Free Data Backup Software for Rooted Android

Here is a list of some of the free yet best data backup software for rooted android.

1. Titanium Backup | Best Data Backup Application Tool for Android

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is the most fantastic data backup application for android devices which can backup, restore, and freeze all your data. It is included in all the protected apps, with the addition of external data from the memory card. Adding to the best data backup application tools, Titanium Backup is the best with splendid features in the pro version.


  • Creates recovery backup file
  • Scheduled backups
  • Restoring from backup
  • Easy to use
  • Great Functionality

Pricing: Contact the vendor for pricing details and pick the plan based on your business or enterprise requirement.

2. Globanet Migrate | Best Data Transfer Software Tool for mobiles

Globanet Migrate

Data Backup is essential for organizations or personal purposes. As Such, Globanet Migrate Data Transfer Software Tool for android helps to save all your data, photos, videos, documents, and many more. Moreover, this is all about to backup your mobile apps data like APK files, permissions, call logs, messages, and more. You’ll have a complete, user-friendly experience with this app while using it, and this tool allows you to do as mentioned in the list of the features.


  • Backup Your Apps, Contacts, Call Logs, Messages, Dpi, And Keyboard Options.
  • It can restore all painlessly as a Twrp Backup During The Rom Install Process.
  • Finish Restoring With A Helper App, Which Is Injected With Said Twrp Backup And Opened During Initial Setup.

Pricing: Contact the sales department for more details of pricing.


In this article, we have covered what data backup is and the list of data backup for android devices. We can see in the list of data backup software of both freemium and premium tools. In that, some of the tools offer us a free trial, and in the free trial, you can experience the benefits of the instrument. Along with that, you can examine which tool is most purposeful according to your preferences. And then decide which works better for you or check out the cheaper but great alternatives. Once you get to know the tool, then download it to your android device and sign up for the service.