Best Data Backup Software Tools for Mac: 2022 Edition

Data Backup is all about saving all your essential information in one place. Even if you lost it on your device, you could see the copy of the original file into a data backup service tool. Nowadays, data backup is necessary to everyone because of some storage issues with the device; you may have to delete the old ones. But today, you’re worried about the storage and old data because we have a bunch of software applications to install. So, you can pick the right application to save photos, videos, music, and much more. You can backup your data from time to time in your mac device with the data backup software tools.

Why Should You Use Data Backup Software Tool

The data backup is very significant to use nowadays because there are many reasons. Many of them face data loss on their mobile devices, desktop, tablet, or whatever it is. To pause all the data loss, we should keep our data safe with the help of a data backup software tool. The data loss reasons are server crash or failure, human error, hacking, failed hard drive, or any other natural disasters. It is challenging to handle all these situations; once the data loss occurs, you can’t retrieve it. So, the data backup tools to your device are useful to have, whether for personal or organizational purposes.

How to Choose the Best Data Backup Software Tool?

If we talk about the best data backup software tools for mac, there are many options to prioritize. It should be free data backup software along with a high range of protection or security. They must copy the files automatically or else provide to schedule the files to backup. Even it must be easy to manage all your backups and notify you up to date. It must allow you to manage all automatic backup tasks and during the backup process, it enables you to work without any distraction.

Best Data Backup Software Tools of 2022

1. Acronis True Image | Best Personal Data Backup Solution for Mac

Acronis True Image

The best personal data backup solution for Mac devices is Acronis True Image. If you’re looking for the best backup service, Acronis is the pretty choice, especially for Mac users. It has the capacity of all your local backups along with the cloud backups. On the whole, it is a brilliant personal data backup service that can upload and store all your essential files and data. Start a free trial and experience all the data backup features more in detail.


  • An easy, intuitive backup and antimalware
  • It has dual protection
  • It is an active disk cloning
  • It can backup all the data non-stop without any pause automatically
  • It can access the backup files anywhere
  • Can enjoy enhanced speed, reliability, and stability of restoring from the device
  • It has a visual protection dashboard
  • It is an easy restore backup software
  • It is a combination of flexible backup options and an advanced anti-malware solution
  • A real-time backup software solution

Pricing: Acronis True Image offers a free trial for 30days and enjoy 1TB of storage.

  • For flexible backups, the essential plan offers INR 3550/year for 1 computer.
  • For advanced features, INR 6390/Year with the inclusion of 500GB of storage per device.
  • Premium plan INR 8870/year up to 5TB of storage
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2. Carbon Copy Cloner | Best Data Backup and Cloning Disks Software

Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner is the right choice when looking for a simple data backup and cloning disk software. It mainly focuses on three things Source Volume, Destination Volume, and Schedule. It is quite an impressive tool for both data backup and cloning disks. Carbon Copy Cloner has a straightforward interface and quickest means to restore all your data safe and secure.


  • Can restore the files when accidentally deleted
  • It can update the files when you modified or added
  • It has a guided step by step process
  • Can create a backup on your external drive or backup the files to another Mac system
  • One license is enough to get access to the entire household

Pricing: Carbon Copy Cloner offers a free trial for 30 days and the price for a personal household license is INR 3088.03. At checkout, there is an addition of taxes.

3. Chronosync | Best File Synchronization Software Tool for Mac

The multitasking tool can do both data backup and file synchronization. It can backup the data files manually; otherwise, you can schedule them to backup. It is the tool that brings to a whole new level by performing data backup. Just go with a 15-day trial period to understand the various options offered by it. This software comes with an application where you can get access, almost like a computer.


  • It has a Root Level Alias option, where you can combine all the backup files.
  • Can auto-exclude new items
  • Ignores file not found error and works actively on the mac.
  • Bootable roll-back predetermination setting set to copy
  • Enabling FMaudit
  • Added explanation of new languages like German, French, English, and Japanese.
  • Allow smart scan and Aggressive mode options are added to the software

Pricing: For pricing and plan details, contact the vendor and pick the right plan for your business.

4. SuperDuper | Best Clone and Data Backup Software Tool


It is a well-designed data backup software tool for Mac devices, where you get various features for data backup. It is a standard backup tool as well as a powerful tool to create bootable clones. To save from a mess like malware attack or sudden deletion of files unwantedly then SuperDuper will always keep all your data. So, you can rely on the data backup service wholeheartedly without any doubt. It is still in charge by giving protection to all your data in Mac.


  • Automatically backs up files
  • Saves files on sleep
  • Creates bootable copies of OS

Pricing: Available for free and for more storage of files contact the vendor then select according to the business needs.

5. Carbonite | Best Backup and File Recovery Software for Mac


Keep all your data in safe hands with Carbonite as it can backup all your data in a bunch. Music, documents, photos, emails, videos, and many other data types will backup automatically. It also can backup files with a manual selection option and store them into secure cloud storage. It also offers to download the data to your device whenever you want. To experience all types of features, you can go through with the free trial and then proceed with a paid version of the tool.

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  • Automatic cloud backup
  • External hard drive backup
  • It supports 7 days a week i.e; it provides 24/7 services
  • Remote files access to computer files
  • Encryption

Pricing: Offers a 30-day free trial for businesses that can backup all your databases with great protection. One year basic backup costs $83.99 that suitable for all sizes.

6. iDrive | Best Real-Time Backup Service Tool for Mac

iDrive is a very intuitive online backup service with the availability of 5GB storage for free. It is a real-time backup solution for Mac devices and protects from all the attacks on your data. The perfect tool for backup with a comfortable and easy user interface to the desktop versions.


  • Cloud backup
  • Multiple device backup
  • Multi-device compatible
  • Social media backup
  • Open/locked files backup
  • Mapped and external drives backup
  • Automated backup
  • Remote computer backup
  • File and folder sharing
  • Unlimited file access
  • Backup logs
  • Mobile apps
  • Real-time file sync
  • Data encryption

Pricing: iDrive offers a free trial and switch to the best backup and cloud storage.

  • For personal purposes, $69.50/year per user and unlimited computers that offer 5TB of storage.
  • For Team, $99.50/year for 5 computers and 5 users.
  • For businesses, 500 GB – $199.50/year
  • For Enterprise, $39.50/year

7. Backblaze | Best Automatic Data Backup Service Tool


The most recommended tool by NewYorkTimes and MacWorld is BackBlaze. It is an excellent backup service to mac users and also available with an easy, straightforward interface. It can store the data automatically; otherwise, you can schedule to keep them. The advantage of having this software is it is notified when the data backup occurred. The most impressive feature of this service is that it can get back your PC once it was stolen by locating my computer option.


  • Can restore the deleted file versions within 30 days
  • Ability to order a USB drive of all your data in it
  • High-speed uploads
  • Smart file sharing via this app
  • Backup external drives
  • Backup both Mac and PC

Pricing: Backblaze offers simple pricing for unlimited data with a free trial. For personal backup, it costs $6/month, $60/year, and $110/2-year. These prices are declared per computer with additional taxes. For businesses, $5/month per TB.

8. iCloud | Best Data Backup Service with Safety for Mac

The most popular data backup service for Mac/iOS users is iCloud. It creates wonders for all the Apple product users and is even suitable for Mac desktops. The interface and security are pretty much good with this software, which is the reason to trust the service. It provides 5GB storage of data to save and then go for the paid plan if the storage limitation is over.


  • Compatible with Mac
  • Saved safari tabs
  • Mobile device friendly
  • iCloud keychain
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch app
  • Saved browser bookmarks
  • 5GB free storage
  • Important personal data storage
  • Lost iPhone locator
  • Real-time device synching
  • Parental permissions
  • File and document sharing
  • Daily backups and version restore
  • Data security and privacy settings
  • App sharing across devices
  • access for upgrades
  • Store music, photos, videos, documents.
  • Apple device set-up assistant
  • Contacts, email and calendar sync, and storage
  • Family Sharing tool
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Pricing: 5GB storage of data is free of cost and for more than 5GB paid plans are available.

  • INR 75/month for 50 GB of storage that backup your entire device data.
  • For 200GB of storage, it costs INR 219/month.
  • For 2TB of storage INR 749/month and suitable for large data.

9. Cloudbacko | Best Automatic Data Backup Tool with Encryption

The prominent online data backup tool with encryption is Cloudbacko. In this, you can backup your data automatically, or you can run a manual data backup option. It works with simple techniques with cool features.


  • File Sharing
  • Archiving & Retention
  • Scheduling
  • Version Control
  • Access control
  • Encryption
  • Backup Log
  • Backup Scheduling
  • Cloud Backup
  • Compression
  • Local Server Options
  • Backup
  • Continuous Backup
  • Incremental Backup
  • Multiple System Support
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Backup Management
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Virtual Machine Encryption
  • Virtual Machine Migration

Pricing: Pro and Lite versions of cloudbacko include software updates and per installation of the pro version costs $99 and the Lite version $25.

10. Google Drive | Best Google Synchronization Software for Mac

Google Drive

One of the well known and familiar data backup services is Google Drive. You can store any data like photos, videos, contacts, call logs, calendars, music, and anything you want. All you need a Google account, and it starts to backup all the files. If the storage is under 15GB, then it provides absolutely free. Suppose the storage extends to 15GB then select the paid version.


  • Scan documents from any device
  • Work Offline
  • Can See the previous history and restore older versions if needed
  • Changes automatically saved
  • Can convert photos and PDFs to edit
  • It can stream both music and videos from the cloud
  • Collaborate with your team in real-time
  • It has the facility to add drive files easily to emails as attachments
  • Can open Microsoft office files in the drive which can convert into Google files and Microsoft Versions.
  • You can access the drive from anywhere in the world
  • It can share files using custom links
  • Choose from dozens of professional and premade templates
  • You can create surveys and RSVPs with the help of Google Forms

Pricing: Available for free of cost up to 15GB of storage used for personal purposes. Can start a free trial if you are likely to go with premium plans that offer extra.

  • For 100GB of storage, INR 1300/Year
  • 200GB of storage, INR 210/month and 2100/year
  • For 2TB, INR 650/month


In this article, you have seen all the different data backup software tools for Mac. These are available for free and when your storage is out of the required ones, pick a plan of paid version that suits you. These software tools are useful for storing personal photos, videos, etc., or for organization purposes like documents, files, and many more. For Mac devices, the tools mentioned earlier are beneficial because they are performance and security-based tools.