Best Data Backup Software Tools for Windows: 2022 Edition

Many people face data loss in their systems or any other devices due to many reasons. It may be a failure of the hard drive or a cyber attack if you want to protect all your data and avoid all these troubles in your windows operating system. The only solution to all these kinds of problems is Data Backup. Yes, data backup means to keep all your data a copy by using a software tool. Quite interesting right! There are a lot of data backup software tools in the market and if you are messy about things. Then you’re here at the right place, some of the list of free data backup and restore software tools suitable to handle in Windows PCs and Laptops.

Free Data Backup Software Tools for Windows

We have compiled a list of best and free data backup software tools for Windows. Do check these out!

1.EaseUS Todo | Free Data Backup Software Tool for Windows

EaseUs Todo is a free data backup software tool for Windows that can backup all the data easily. The main functions of EaseUs Todo are backing up the files, folders quickly and at the same time disk cloning too. With the help of disk imaging technology, data backup at EaseUs makes strong data protection and safety. It automatically makes copies and restores everything instantly. Even you can create tasks to schedule the backup for a windows-based computer. To experience every feature in detail by going to the free trial version and utilize it. For advanced features, it allows you to pay $59 for a lifetime license.


  • Reliable to protect and restore fast what matters
  • Simple to set up flexible backup schedules
  • It can run any admin backup tasks automatically
  • Protect all your business of sizes and systems
  • It can deliver automated and continuous protection
  • Can backup regular standards on your business-standard
  • Quickly restore all your business files and restore business instantly
  • It can create a bootable drive
  • Clone to restore the system

Pricing: Available for Free and for more storage backup, contact the vendor for details.

2.Paragon Backup and Recovery | Best Backup and Recovery Software

The advanced back and Recovery tool for an individual user to protect the data after backup is Paragon. It not only backs up all your data, but also protects the data files, folders, disks, partitions, and the entire system. Paragon runs in manual mode as well as schedules reliable backup tasks in your system. It is strictly free for commercial purposes, which offers a wide range of backup solutions within your windows operating system. Will meet the user needs, which results in instant backup and restoration services.


  • Hard Disk Backup
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Backup Management
  • Rescue Disk Creator
  • Recovery Media Builder
  • Encryption Options
  • Activity Report

Pricing: Available for a 30-day free trial and the free version is available for non-commercial use. For commercial purposes, it costs from $99 – $999 per year.

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3.AOMEI Backupper Standard | Best Backup and Restore Tool for Windows

For file backup, imaging, disk cloning, and file syncing AMOEI Bckupper standard is the best choice. The best backup and restore tool for all types of windows systems with multiple scheduling options. All-in-one back and recovery solution for PCs and Laptops with data protection. To manage your hard drive and data, it provides a disk partition manager. If you want to simplify all your backup tasks, it can backup automatically, fully, incrementally as you wish. It is suitable for personal and organizational standards to recover anything on your desktop.


  • Anti Ransomware
  • AOMEI OneKey Recovery
  • Backup and Restore
  • Dissimilar Hardware Restore
  • Files & Folders Synchronization
  • Free Backup, Clone, and Restore
  • Hard Disk Imaging Software
  • Image Deployment
  • NAS Knowledge Base
  • PXE Network Boot Tool
  • System Migration and Disk Clone
  • Wbadmin Backup and Recovery
  • Windows 7, 8, 9, 10 Backup, Clone, and Restore


Available for both personal and professional purposes. It is absolutely free for the standard version of personal purposes. When it comes to the professional purpose the price starts from $49.95 per license. For Businesses, it deals the prices in four prospects.

  • Workstation – $59.95/license
  • Server $199/license
  • Technician $499/license
  • Technician Plus $999/license

4.Cobian Backup | Free Backup Software Tool for Windows

Description: Cobian Backup is all about backup files and folders in your system with full safety and security. It is a free backup software that supports FTP backups and also available in different features according to the user requirements. You can back up your files, folders, and other vital documents in different locations using this software on your desktop. It works for both individuals as well as businesses.


  • Automatic backup
  • Multiple backup jobs groups
  • Parking (write protecting) backups
  • Unicode file names
  • Deleter for Windows Explorer
  • Command-line use
  • Run as a service or an application
  • Remote access

Pricing: Available for Free of cost

5.Filefort Backup | Best Automatic File Backup Software Tool

If you want to run manual or automatic backups for your files, Filefort is a perfect choice. It is the best software for professional and business purposes with a simple and easy to use interface. Be confident for the protection of all your data after data backup with Filefort Tool. Start a Free-trial, know more about its features, and then pick a paid version for long-term service.


  • · The backup process can easily setup.
  • · It can run Automatic and Manual backups
  • · It stores the backup data to storage media like S3, Dropbox
  • · When the USB drive plugin, can store data automatically.
  • · You can schedule files at any time you want
  • · Easy to use interface
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  • Can start with a free trial
  • Available free version for non-commercial use.

6.BackUp Maker | Free Data Backup Solution for Windows

A free data backup solution for windows is a Backup Maker that can automatically backup all your files and folders. Backup Maker can restore the entire system with an easy setup for the backup process. It has a straightforward interface and is a recommended tool for your windows system. So, you want to protect all your data without any sudden loss then this software is a pretty pick!


  • Backup Log
  • Cloud Storage Backup
  • Continuous Backup
  • Incremental Backup
  • Remote Server Options
  • Web Access/Restoration
  • Backup Scheduling
  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • Local Server Options


  • Available for Free of cost
  • If you like to know about pricing, consult the vendor and pick the plan that suits your business.

7.COMODO Backup | Best Data Backup Service for Windows

Comodo backup software is the best backup service tool for windows which can store all your data automatically. It will support all four backup methods, i.e., full backup, differential backup, synchronized backup, and incremental backup. It supports various backup resources in your system physical hard drives, emails, messages, individual partitions, browser data, and many more. It is to store your data with a hundred percent safe and nothing to worry about it.


  • Can Backup entire data individually
  • Follows step by step procedures to backup, restore, and scheduling procedures
  • Flexible storage options
  • Protect your entire data
  • With a few clicks, you can recover all your data
  • It backups all your files to a highly secure online storage
  • It has a real-time backup synchronization feature
  • It has powerful encryption options for your data
  • To automate online backup, it supports scripting and command line

Pricing: Free 10GB online storage and if the storage exceeds go with a premium plan. For premium plan details, contact the vendor.

8.Redo Backup | Best Entire Harddrive Backup Software

The instant data backup and recovery service tool for windows is Redo Backup Software. The most exciting factor is it can backup the entire hard drive backup service for your windows system. Partition files, web browsing, conversations, and many more additional resources are sync with this software. The backup process will work within minutes, and the data is protected 24 hours from avoiding hack/loss.


  • Simple user interface for everyone
  • Runs CD or USB stick even if the system won’t boot
  • Remote access option (VNC) for backup and restore operations
  • Automatically finds shared folders on your network
  • Has selective restore mode options
  • Can re-map actual data
  • By existing backups, can verify the integrity
  • Can manage drives with extra tools
  • Offers browsing facility to find the document
  • Can copy and edit files
  • UEFI Secure Boot and expanded hardware support

Pricing: Available for Free of cost.

The Best Data Backup Software for Windows In India

Here are additional two more options available when it comes to the best data backup software for Windows in India. Do check them out.

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9.Symantec NetBackup | Best Data Backup and Recovery Tool for Windows

Manage all your data by backuping with Symantec NetBackup service. It is the best data backup, and recovery tool for windows offers unimagined data recovery. Symantec can deal with simple for individual and IT complex environments. It is one of the integrated software to protect the data in both physical and virtual conditions. If you want to increase the backup speed, then go for the paid version to gain the advanced features.


  • Data protection from the Edge to Core Cloud
  • It protects all your data no matter whatever the load is
  • It can recover at scale and reduce the risks
  • Freedom to control the cloud data protection and disaster recovery
  • It can control the discovery, backup, restore, and automation services.

Pricing: To meet your exact needs, contact the enterprise for the pricing package and other information in detail.

10. Acronis | Best Backup Solution for Windows

Acronis True Image

To protect the data from any disaster, Acronis Software is the best backup solution for windows. It can deliver the best data protection and recovery tool for any environment. Acronis is suitable for individuals, small-medium businesses, and enterprises. Intell’s intelligent storage and blockchain technologies can store the data with a high range of safety and security.


  • Can automatically replicate your local backup files into the cloud.
  • The easiest way to backup all your files with Acronis software
  • Without any pause, it can backup your data continuously.
  • Can retrieve your file or folder wherever and whenever you want
  • It has enhanced the speed, reliability, and stability of restoring data from the cloud.
  • Monitors all the data backup activity, cybersecurity metrics, data statistics of your device.
  • It will easily restore your system data and your data will be quickly loaded.
  • Suspends all malware attacks with one click.


  • Acronis True Image offers a free trial for 30days and enjoy 1TB of storage.
  • For flexible backups, the essential plan offers INR 3550/year for 1 computer.
  • For advanced features, INR 6390/Year with the inclusion of 500GB of storage per device.
  • Premium plan INR 8870/year up to 5TB of storage

We have covered every detail of backup and recovery software, especially for Windows operating systems. Some of the tools provide a free trial to understand the features that it offers to us. Most of the software is suitable for both individuals and businesses. It is time to pick the right one according to your requirement of backup. For companies and enterprises, choose a perfect paid version tool by considering your organization’s data’s safety.