Best Free Backup Software Tools for Android: 2022 Edition

Android smartphones are the most popular device used by millions of people around the world. Using this device, you can communicate with others, can send messages, phone calls, click photos, and many more things we can do with it. Sometimes, due to typical conditions, we may lose all our data. A data backup software tool is necessarily available in your android device to avoid data loss. Data backup is nothing but to keep all your mobile data with unlimited storage for free and secure. We can see different free data backup software lists in the article and pick the right one for your device.

Why Should You Use a Free Backup Tool for Android?

The main aim of data backup software is to keep the user data secure and view those files whenever they want. Having online data backup software tools in your android devices is very important to avoid data loss for many reasons. Data loss occurs in many ways that may happen intentionally or unintentionally. You cannot get it back, your data once lost, and if you want to escape from this type of situation, a data backup software must be available on your device.

How to Choose the Best Free Backup Tool for Android?

Most android users generate a lot of data by using various applications, clicking photos, making videos, etc. It is always good to examine the backup to their data to save all your mobile data. According to user requirements, there are many data backup software tools available in the market.

Here in this article, if you’re one among them, we provide some of the lists of best free data backup software tools for android devices in detail.

Best Free Backup Tools for Android of 2022

Here is a list of some of the free and best backup software tools for android devices that you can take a look at in 2022.

1. Helium | Best Data Backup SoftwareTool for Android

Helium is the best data backup software tool for Android, allowing you to backup all mobile data. It includes apps, contacts, conversations, call log, photos, videos, and other data available on your mobile. Helium backup software will not require root to your mobile device, and for the free version, ads will appear. If you don’t want ads, then go for a premium version with unlimited storage in your Android. You can set up an automatic schedule backup easily for paid versions, and it will backup mobile data without presence.


  • Backup and restore to SD card
  • Backup and restore from PC
  • Cloud Backup and restores
  • No Ads
  • Automatic Backup Schedules
  • Android to Android Sync


  • Available for Free
  • If the storage is more, you can go to the paid version by consulting the vendor.

2. Google Photos | Best Free Data Backup Solution Tool

Google Photos

The most popular free data backup solution tool for any android device is Google Photos. It allows the users to backup the photos and videos for free and view them wherever, whenever you want. Even it offers the facility to download them into your device as you wish whenever you can. The other advantage of using google photos on your device is that it can save your photos and videos with excellent quality. So, you don’t worry about the quality of the pic or video after backup from your device.

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  • Automatic Backup
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Manage Phone storage
  • Fast and powerful search
  • Shared libraries

Pricing: Available for free up to 15GB of storage

3. GCloud Backup | Free Data Backup Software

G Cloud Backup software is specifically designed for mobile devices to backup all the mobile data with ease. It can automatically and manually backup your mobile data that includes conversations, contacts, videos, photos, call logs, music, documents, and other various files on Android devices. For your kind information, this backup software tool does not have any association with Google, and it is a complete backup application for mobiles.


  • You can find the My Android feature to locate lost devices
  • Photo memories timeline is available for the cloud gallery
  • It accesses to view your messages, calls, and contacts, share music and videos from photos from the website:
  • It can be protected with a password
  • It will protect more than one device simultaneously
  • Secure Socket Layer data transfer on Amazon AWS
  • Can sign up with Email, Google+, or Facebook
  • Backup your External SD cards
  • Migrate or restore to a new device with a tap
  • Backs up available for every version of files
  • Advanced options to change in scheduling your data


  • Available for Free up to 10GB
  • For unlimited storage, the premium plan costs $5.99/month

4. Dropbox | Best Free Data Backup Software Tool


If you’re looking for the best free data backup software tool, Dropbox is a pick for your Android device. It can store all your mobile data up to 1TB for free and upload the file and share them with everyone. It will backup and sync docs, photos, videos, documents, files, music, and many more into the room. You can access the backup files from any device at any time as your choice. It has some advanced features that help you share the files with your friends, family, co-workers, and others easily.


  • Get organized, sync, and stay secure with Dropbox
  • All traditional files, Dropbox Paper docs, cloud content, and web shortcuts together can bring in one place.
  • Store and access all your backup files from anywhere
  • Works smart
  • It can sync and connect to the tools you use every day including Slack and Zoom without ever leaving Dropbox.
  • Will get notifications up to date
  • Connect all the device apps to Dropbox
  • Paper puts everyone on the same page


  • Go for a free trial for 30 days
  • For individuals, Dropbox plus costs $9.99/month
  • For individual professional, costs $16.58/month
  • For a standard team, it costs $12.50/month
  • Advanced features $20/month per user

5. Resilio Sync | Best Data Backup Software Tool for Android

Resilio Sync is one of the favorite and easy data backup software tools for android devices. It works the same as any other cloud storage tool and can backup all your mobile data for free. The storage of your data in Resilio Sync is entirely encrypted, and it is the safest tool once you backup all your mobile data. For personal usage of Resilio Sync, it is free for storage, and for extra control data, you must go for the premium version.

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  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Audit Trail
  • Collaboration
  • Document Management
  • Drag & Drop
  • Encryption
  • Real-Time Synchronization
  • Search/Filter


  • Available for free for personal usage of cloud storage.
  • In the paid version, it offers a free trial to experience more features
  • For personal use, $59.9/one-time
  • For Sync Family pro version $99.9/one-time
  • For Sync business pro version starts from $30/month

6. Titanium Backup | Free Data Backup Solution for Android

Titanium Backup

Especially for root android users, Titanium Backup is the best free data backup solution. It is the most popular tool with frequent updates, and it is available for ages. It has many excellent features for root users, and for non-root users, it offers few elements only. Of course, it is the king among all the backup software tools for the past few years, and it is precisely for root android users. It can backup and store all your mobile data safely and securely.


  • Backup and restore any app and settings, including protected apps and system apps
  • Restore the connection between apps and the Google Play Store, so those apps will continue updating automatically after being transferred
  • Background batch backup and advanced batch restore
  • Automatic batch backup (it even lets you set up a schedule however you like!)
  • Move apps to and from the SD card, along with your user data for those apps
  • Desktop widgets
  • App uninstaller which is particularly good at removing carrier-installed or manufacturer-installed bloatware

Pricing: Available for free and for premium plan consult the vendor, then pick the right one for your business.

7. Syncios | Best Free Backup Software for Android

Don’t be late to save all your mobile data with Syncios, the best free backup software for android devices. It just not only transfers all your data but also stores them with full encryption. The different types of data like photos, videos, messages, app data, contacts, call logs, music, documents, and any other essential files available on your mobile can backup and store easily. Syncios is available for free and the safest application on your android device.


  • Backup contacts, messages and call history, readable files as an XML file.
  • Can restore back to any of the phones whenever you want.
  • View, export, and import your iOS app documents.
  • Sync Android/iOS devices to the contacts of Outlook.
  • New/edit/print out contacts, Delete unwanted personal information on the computer.

Pricing: Available for free of cost and for more storage backup, you can go with a premium plan that is perfect for your business data.

8. Backup Your Mobile | Best Data Backup Solution for Apps

It is easy to backup all your mobile data with the best data backup solution, and it is the Backup Your Mobile application. Backup and restore all the data like contacts, messages, call logs, music, documents, bookmarks, browser history, and many more with this software application. You can backup manually and otherwise; it can backup by scheduling automatic backups.

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  • Contact
  • SMS (text message)
  • MMS (multimedia message)
  • Call log
  • Bookmark (stock browser)
  • Browser History (stock browser)
  • System Setting
  • User Dictionary
  • Calendar events only, the calendar must be created by android synchronization
  • Secure system settings that restore works on rooted devices only.
  • Wifi passwords and it works on rooted devices only.
  • User applications
  • Applications data (root only)

Pricing: This Backup Your Mobile Software Tool is available for Free

9. Google Backup | Free Data Backup Software for Mobiles

Google Backup

For android backup services, Google Backup is the choice as it is a free data backup software application for mobiles. It has a facility to backup all the bunch of your mobile data for free and can easily backup all your conversations, app data, contacts, call logs, music, photos, videos, and many more. It can work pretty well on any android device.


  • Any photos from a device with backup enabled and will save to your personal Google Account.
  • Any edits that you make or photos you take will access across any device that you sign in to.
  • Can edit and save a photo on your phone, the photo will look the same as Google Photos.
  • You can easily search your photos by the people, places, and things No requirement of tagging.
  • It can bring photos to life with automatically created movies, collages, animations, and panoramas.

Pricing: Based on the storage and bandwidth Google Cloud Backup offers different pricing tiers. In real-world scenarios, the pricing starts from $300 in free credits with 20+ free products.

10. Swift Backup | Best Data Backup Tools for Android

Swift Backup is one of the best data backup software tools among the backup software tools list. It will support android rooted devices as well as non-rooted devices. The features on non-rooted android devices include app data, SMS, call logs, and many other documents or files.


  • Apps (Apks with or without Data)
  • Messages
  • Call Logs
  • Wallpapers (Both Lockscreen and Homescreen)
  • Wifi Networks (Root Access needed for this to work)
  • Set compression level for app data backups
  • Backup cache
  • Backup expansions
  • Ability to backup external data


  • Available for free
  • To experience more features, you can go with a premium plan and know about the details of the paid version by getting in touch with the vendor.

All the various software tools mentioned in this article are free to use and features at their best. Most of the tools are popular, and it is tough to pick the right one for android devices. If you want to select a tool for your device, you should go through all the details and decide based on your requirement. It is only the solution to pick the software and install it on your android device.

The other solution is to go for a free trial of the software and so that you can experience the different features that are available to us. After a free trial, go for long-term usage by installing and using it on your android mobiles.