Best Free Backup Software Tools for iPhone: 2022 Edition

Introduction: about Free Backup Software Tools for iPhone

The term “Data Backup” is necessary for every device for personal purposes or business purposes. The best free backup software tools list is below-mentioned here, and they not only save the files and folders and can use them without paying a penny. Nowadays, there is a risk of losing files, and folders from our devices due to malware acts, deleting files unknowingly, cyber-attacks, etc. Data backup software will restore your data automatically or manually for free to prevent data loss from any of these kinds of situations.

Why Should You Use a Backup Tool for iPhone?

There are different reasons for the loss of data and to get out of this problem; you need a data backup, and it is the only solution. It may be a sudden action of deleting files, a cybercrime, failure of a hard disk or stuck of a mobile, and many more. A regular data backup is the most effective manner to save your files and folders. There is a list of data backup software tools some are available for free, or some are expensive. If you want to get data backup software with exclusive features for free, then you’re at the right place. We are providing the best free backup software tools for iPhone for 2022 in this article to explore.

How to Choose the Best Free Backup Tool for iPhones?

A free backup software tool will backup all your mobile data that are for free. All your important files and folders are now quickly restored with the best free backup software tools. You can now experience different features of advanced scheduling, partition cloning, automatic backup, and many more for free. The below-mentioned best free backup software tools will perform more than the expensive software does.

Best Free Backup Software Tools for iPhone of 2022

Here is an exclusive list of some of the best free backup software tools for iPhone that can help you with complete data recovery.

1. iMazing | Best Free Backup Software tool for iPhone


For easy automatic and wireless backups, iMazing is one of the best free backup software tools for iPhone. With the iMazing technology, you can easily backup all your data by scheduling it. The backup process can work daily, weekly, or monthly as your requirement. The stored data will be safe and secure, and there is no chance to manipulate your data anywhere. The most exciting factor is that it has a very easy interface, and you can sit back while the backup process is going on.


  • Configure when and how frequently your Apple device is backup monthly, daily, weekly, and yearly.
  • Can select your backups, the iMazing Mini should last a month or a week, or all of them.
  • Mazing Mini will notify you when behind the schedule so that you’re always up to date.
  • ‘Time Machine’ like snapshots of your devices is the only iOS backup solution.
  • Without crowding your hard drive can store dozens of backups.
  • Can restore any specific data
  • Can easily view your data after backup.

Pricing: For personal 3 devices INR 4000 One-time purchase and unlimited devices INR 5000/Year. For businesses, INR 2500/seat/year, for advanced device management INR 20000/seat/year.

2. iTransor | Best Free Backup Tool for iPhone

Having iTransor on your iPhone, you should not worry about data loss. It is the best free backup tool for iPhone as you can backup, export, and restore data effectively. You can even restore app data, including conversions of WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. The main asset of using this app is to view all the data before the restoring process starts. There is no doubt with this backup service because iTransor is the most trusted for many of them who are using it.

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  • It is the most successful data storage application for iPhone users
  • The software has an easy user-friendly interface and also allows the users to learn the features individually
  • It offers an automatic data storage facility to your device
  • With this software, you can send photos, videos, and chats to others easily
  • It can export the contact list in one go

Pricing: For individual $49.95/month for up to 5 devices and businesses contact the vendor according to your requirement.

3. iDrive | Best Free iPhone Backup Software

To prevent data loss from your iPhone, then proceed to install iDrive on your mobile. It is one of the best free iPhone backup software that allows you to backup contacts, events, messages, calendars, music, photos, videos, documents, and many more. It offers different features, where many other apps are not providing. It can backup the data and allows sharing at any time and anywhere.


  • Cloud backup
  • Multiple device backup
  • Multi-device compatible
  • Social media backup
  • Open/locked files backup
  • Mapped and external drives backup
  • Automated backup
  • Remote computer backup
  • File and folder sharing
  • Unlimited file access
  • Backup logs
  • Mobile apps
  • Real-time file sync
  • Data encryption


  • iDrive offers a free trial and switch to the best backup and cloud storage.
  • For personal purposes, $69.50/year per user and unlimited computers that offer 5TB of storage.
  • For Team, $99.50/year for 5 computers and 5 users.
  • For businesses, 500 GB – $199.50/year
  • For Enterprise, $39.50/year

4. Dr. Fone | Best iPhone Backup Software

Dr Fone

If you’re looking for a quick backup for your iPhone, then Dr. Fone is the pick. Don’t worry about the data loss; it is the best iPhone backup software tool that needs a single click to quickly backup all your data. Dr. Fone can backup all the different data from your iPhone like messages, voice calls, music, videos, and many more with just one click.


  • Real-time Sync
  • Storage Capacity
  • Remote Backup
  • Versioning
  • Local Backup
  • Storage Formats
  • File Sharing
  • Security Standards


  • Android Toolkit $79.95 annual plan
  • Dr.Fone Ios Toolkit, $99.95/annual plan
  • The full toolkit, $139.95/annual plan
  • Data Recovery starts from $39.95
  • Phone manager $29.95
  • Phone Transfer starts from $29.95
  • System repair starts from $39.95
  • Phone backup $19.95
  • Data eraser starts from $14.95
  • Screen unlock starts from $49.95
  • WhatsApp Transfer $21.95
  • Virtual location starts from $9.95
  • iTunes Repair $19.95
  • InClowdz ranges from $9.95

5. iCareFone | Best Free Backup Tool for iPhone

For easy backup services to your, iPhone will be possible with iCareFone. It is the best free backup tool for the iPhone to import, export, and restore data with a few clicks. iCareFone can manage various things like contacts, messages, videos, photos, apps, and other bookmarks, documents, etc. It is a backup service and can fix some problems like touch ID malfunctions, fast battery drain, overheated device, recovery mode freeze, and screen stuck on the Apple logo. If you want more security to your data, add a password to be more protective without any loss.

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  • Moving files without restrictions, so that you can transfer images, videos, music, SMS, and contacts.
  • Backup and restore functions as well as backup WhatsApp and other data and browse backups to restore.
  • iOS system repair is capable of resolving issues by updating to the latest version of iOS.
  • Move WhatsApp data to and from Android and the app is compatible with Android, it allows you to move WhatsApp data between Android and iOS.


  • For a one-month license, it costs $35.95 for one system tax excluded. You can cancel at any time.
  • For one year license, $35.95 for one PC tax excluded. Auto-renewal and can cancel at any time.
  • For 1PC, a lifetime license costs $49.95,

6. Fonepaw | Free Backup Software Tool for iPhone Users


Fonepaw, the most impressive free backup software tool on the list, allows your data to backup and restore with encryption. The best thing about using this software is it can create multiple backups without deletion of old ones. Along with backup and restoration of data, Fonepaw will help retrieve the lost data from iTunes and iCloud. Suppose, you face any problem with your iPhone like freezing, then it helps to fix it. Having this software on your mobile will help in multiple ways.


  • If your data is lost in malfunction or unintentionally deletion in your device, you can easily get back all of your lost files with the use of FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery.
  • Can easily be operated by even a person who is not aware of tech stuff as it has the software come with a UI.
  • Unlike other programs, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery has a very user-friendly interface
  • FonePaw is compatible with all kinds of iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch.
  • The software also offers three different recovery modes: “Recover from iOS Device”, “Recover from iTunes Backup File”, and “Recover from iCloud Backup File”.


  • For DoTrans 1 license, INR 2800
  • For Android Data Recover INR 3600 per computer

7. CopyTrans | Best Backup Software Tools for Apple Mobile

Among the best backup software tools for Apple mobiles, CopyTrans is the one. It allows you to backup and restores all the data on your mobile automatically. Contacts, events, calendars, conversations, music, documents, photos, and videos, including everything present in the iPhone will backup and restore in it. CopyTrans has an easy user interface and can work faster than any other backup tool.


  • It’s easy to transfer the data with Microsoft exchange programs from a user
  • It comes with an excellent, beautiful, and simple interface.
  • For a single purchase, you can transfer 50 contacts.
  • If you need more backup options, you will have to get another purchase.

Pricing: CopyTrans Backup extractor, contacts, photos, cloud, shelbee, tuneswift bundle costs $29.99.

8. iTunes | Free iPhone Backup Software


An easy and free iPhone backup software is iTunes, which allows users to backup any content. Calendars, photos, videos, music, documents, and much more available in your iPhone will backup and restore them securely. iTunes backup software tool will support all kinds of IOS devices and MacBook. The backup services with iTunes are free of cost and can use them at any time and anywhere.


  • Photos and images taken by Camera, screenshots, saved images saves, and wallpapers.
  • Media files such as Movies, music, videos, and ringtones.
  • Messages & Call logs
  • Application Data: Home screen arrangement.
  • Paired Bluetooth devices.
  • Network settings (Wi-Fi hotspots, VPN settings, network preference).
  • Calendar, Memos, and Bookmark
  • Calendar accounts, events, and subscribed calendars.
  • Safari and map bookmark.
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Pricing: Available free of cost for limited storage and for business purposes contact the vendor.

9. iCloud | Free Backup Software for iPhone


Don’t worry about managing all files within your mobile because here is a free backup software for iPhone, with iCloud software. It is an online cloud storage service that enables to store data automatically and manually. The iPhone data will be stored safely, such as photos, videos, files, folders, and other types of data in it, and it is a built-in service to all IOS devices. Up to 5GB of storage, this software is available for free of cost, and if it exceeds the given storage, you have an option to go for the pricing plan, and the price varies based on the size.


  • Mobile device friendly
  • iCloud keychain
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch app
  • Saved browser bookmarks
  • 5GB free storage
  • Important personal data storage
  • Lost iPhone locator
  • Real-time device synching
  • Parental permissions
  • File and document sharing
  • Daily backups and version restore
  • Data security and privacy settings
  • App sharing across devices
  • access for upgrades
  • Store music, photos, videos, documents.
  • Apple device set-up assistant
  • Contacts, email and calendar sync, and storage
  • Family Sharing tool


  • 5GB storage of data is free of cost and for more than 5GB paid plans are available.
  • INR 75/month for 50 GB of storage that backup your entire device data.
  • For 200GB of storage, it costs INR 219/month.
  • For 2TB of storage INR 749/month and suitable for large data.

10. iFunbox | Best Free iPhone Backup Software


One of the best free iPhone backup software tools is listed among here, i.e. iFunbox. It can backup all the multimedia files, including music, photos, videos, voice memos, and many more very fastly. iFunbox offers users different features, and it is a worthy tool to backup your data without any second thought. It is entirely free to use on your device and give a try to experience more.


  • Easy user interface
  • It is free to use
  • Ability to install the files like IPA files on jailbroken iOS devices
  • On jailbroken devices, it allows access to the root folder

Pricing: iFunbox is available for free of cost to all iPhone mobile devices. Contact the vendor for pricing details and pick the right price that meets your business requirements.

A regular backup is necessary for this digital era because we create different kinds of data and share them for various purposes. It leads to more data than our mobile limitation, and sometimes unfortunately we may lose our data intentionally/unintentionally. Therefore, here are some of the best free backup software tools to prevent such situations. In this article, we are here to provide the backup software list along with its features and prices. Before purchasing a lifetime license, some software in the provided list offers a free trial, and we suggest you go for the free trials in order to analyze the software in depth.