Best Photo Backup Apps and Tools for iPhone: 2022 Edition

We are supposed to click several photos on our mobile phones. There is a possibility of losing them without any idea or otherwise, the data loss occurs for different reasons. If you want to save the photos with the help of a backup software application, then you’re at the right place. We are here, in this article, to provide the best photo backup apps for iPhone devices. These backup apps are most useful for photographers, mainly because these are not only to backup the photographs but also work as an editing tool for your photos. The advantage of using these backup tools is that you can share with others easily.

Best Photo Backup Apps and Tools for iPhone

Choose from this extensive list of best photo backup apps and software for iPhone.

1.iCloud Photo Library | Best Photo Backup App for iPhone

For your iPhone, an automatic photo backup service is very important to store all the photos and videos with the iCloud Photo Library. It is the best photo backup apps for iPhone to backup and access easily. iCloud Photo Library is a built-in application in your IOS device and perfect for users who can use the same Apple ID on different devices. When you upload all your photos or videos in iCloud, you can delete them from your phone. It can store automatically high-resolution images and videos and also can download whenever you want. You can create albums and allow them to share with your family, friends, and the creation of memories is nostalgic with iCloud Photo Library. Even it offers an editing facility to your photos and can do some edits within the app.


  • View your shared albums
  • Create a new shared album and can manage to share
  • Add and remove photos and videos
  • Comment on and like photos and videos


  • 5GB storage of data is free of cost and for more than 5GB paid plans are available.
  • INR 75/month for 50 GB of storage that backup your entire device data.
  • For 200GB of storage, it costs INR 219/month.
  • For 2TB of storage INR 749/month and suitable for large data.

2.Flickr | Best Photo Backup Software for iPhone

For a vast amount of storage up to 1000GB and social networking, the channel is the Flickr app. If you’re looking for the best photo backup software for iPhone, then Flickr is the pick to save all your mobile data. To ensure all your photos and videos to backup with Flickr, you must enable the auto-upload option in the settings. It allows the users to edit the images within themselves and can also preset a filter option. It is possible to see every photo information in Flickr that you uploaded. You can browse the pictures easily along with that you’ll see feed recommendations of other users. Like other social media applications, Flickr also allows users to like and comment on other pictures. To create an account in Flickr, you have to register with a Yahoo mail account to use your iPhone.

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  • Explore not only your Flickr photos but friends photos and the top photos
  • Simple, and easy user interface.
  • Good use of the swiping gestures.
  • Can share to Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • Fun photo filters of Instagram.


  • Flickr offers a free plan and paid plan.
  • The paid plan of unlimited storage costs $5.99/month and if it is billed annually.
  • The paid plan of unlimited storage costs $7.99/year for the monthly version.
  • For every 3 months, it costs $21.99 and offers unlimited storage.

3.Snapfish | Best Automatic Photo Backup App

Snapfish is the best automatic photo backup app for your iPhone with unlimited storage and print options. After signing up, you can get up to 50 print free photos in a month with this app. Snapfish allows the users to backup photos with excellent protection and offers attractive features. It can automatically backup all your photos with unlimited free storage of images of high-resolution quality. The backup process is very simple, you have to link your iPhone to Google Photos, Camera Roll, Instagram, Facebook, etc., and it directly takes the photo and uploads it. The printing facility is also available in it so that the images which were uploaded can take the print for mugs, or gifting purposes. Once the photo is stored, will use it in different ways. First, 50 image prints are free for the users, and it costs for the print as it is the main business of Snapfish.


  • Inexpensive
  • Has good image quality
  • The well-designed, fast, modern web interface
  • Solid editing tools for your pictures and videos
  • Tons of print surface options, blankets, including mugs, and much more
  • Online gallery sharing

Pricing: With the Snapfish photo backup app you can get100 free 4″x6″ prints each month when you order from your mobile device. For Free prints credits only apply when ordering in the mobile app of your iPhone.

4. Google Photos | Best Free Photo Backup App for iPhone

Google Photos

To prevent data loss in your mobile, then you all must do is backup them. Google Photos is the best free photo backup app for iPhone, which gives us free unlimited storage space. It is restricted for high-resolution images as it allows up to 16 megapixels of the photos that are sufficient for mobile photographs. Coming to the videos, the resolution is 1080p, and the video must be 15 minutes long. Can upload the photos from your iPhone easily with a single archive and easy to browse. You can create collages, animations, and movies by selecting a few images in this app. Can share the upload photos to others quickly and transform the pictures with editing tools present in it.

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  • Effectively unlimited storage for your pictures.
  • New smart photo-editing tools powered by Google’s machine learning.
  • Creative and sharing tools.
  • Supports Live Photos.
  • Face and object detection.
  • Search


  • Available for free of cost up to 15GB of storage used for personal purposes. Can start a free trial if you are likely to go with premium plans that offer extra.

For 100GB of storage, INR 1300/Year

  • 200GB of storage, INR 210/month and 2100/year
  • For 2TB, INR 650/month

5.Prime Photos from Amazon | Best Free Photo Backup Solution for Apple

Prime Photos from Amazon

The popular E-Commerce and OTT platform Amazon also allows users to upload and backup photos. Prime Photos from the Amazon app are especially beneficial for Amazon customers. It offers unlimited free storage of images up to 5GB with built-in editing tools. If you have an Amazon Prime account, then unlimited photo storage is available. If you’re an Amazon prime user, then you are eligible to use free backup storage. For your Amazon account, it has a FAMILY VAULT feature so that it allows you to contribute photos of five additional people to your family members or friends. It can automatically back up all your photos from your device, and it is the single platform to backup photos of different persons at a time.


  • Prime members get unlimited with full-resolution photo storage and 5GB for video for free.
  • Full-resolution
  • Personalization of your data
  • One-stop-shop for your photo prints, Photo storage, and photo sharing.
  • Prints: Favorite memories transformed into photo prints, custom gifts, and home décor
  • Available only in the U.S.
  • Built-in security
  • Can take pics, view, and share.
  • Can share privately the selected photos, videos, and albums with others.


  • Available for free of cost.
  • To expand the storage, go with a premium annual plan that ranges from $1.99.

6.Dropbox | Best Free Photo Storage App for iPhone


To store any file from your iPhone then Dropbox is the right choice. It is the best free storage app for the iPhone that allows backup photos up to 2GB for free of cost. You can increase the storage space by referring friends and can share the backup files by creating links. Dropbox is also a popular cloud storage provider useful for personal content and business purposes. It has storage space up to 1TB for a paid plan and can share the files with links to others can view without a Dropbox account.


  • Browse your files
  • View files
  • Download files
  • To download a file, you need access to Wi-Fi or cellular data.
  • If you need to view a file offline, make the file available offline
  • Copy files
  • Move files
  • Rename files
  • Edit files
  • Upload files directly to Dropbox from supported apps
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  • Available for free and offers a free trial for your professional purposes.
  • For individuals, Dropbox plus costs $9.99/month
  • For individual professional, costs $16.58/month
  • For a standard team, it costs $12.50/month
  • Advanced features $20/month per user

7.Microsoft OneDrive | Best Photo Backup App for free


If you want the best photo backup app for free, Microsoft Onedrive is a software app that offers up to 5GB of storage for free. If you like to increase your storage, then go for a premium plan, including more attractive features. It will automatically upload the photos, and it will appeal to use when you enable office 365. In this, you can upload pictures and videos, music, essential files, and many more. You can organize photos into albums and also rename, share them easily. It does not offer any editing tools within the application.


  • Backup photos and videos
  • Share docs, videos, photos, and albums with others
  • Can get notifications when a document is edited after sharing
  • Can et password-protected or also can set the expiring date of sharing in the link format
  • Allows the entire folders on the app without being online
  • Scan documents, receipts, business cards, whiteboards, and more
  • Mark up, sign, and send docs right from the OneDrive mobile app
  • Personal Vault lets you protect all your important files with verification.
  • Restore the documents of all the files with version history
  • Ransomware detection and recovery
  • Search documents by name and content

Pricing: Free of cost up to 5GB of storage and offers different plans for homes and businesses.

OneDrive for Home (6 people):

  • For 365 family INR 5299.00/Year of 6TB of storage
  • Microsoft 365 personal, INR 4199.00/Year with 1TB of storage
  • OneDrive standalone storage of 100GB INR 140/month

OneDrive for Business:

  • OneDrive Business for file sharing and storage Plan 1 INR 330/month per user.
  • For plan 2 INR 660/month per user with advanced security and compliance capabilities
  • Microsoft 365 Business basic INR 125/month per user
  • Microsoft 365 Business standard INR 660/month and can try free for one month for this version for office apps, class emails, and storage services.

For your photo backup on iPhone, the list mentioned above of backup apps are the best backup service provider. These lists of apps are easy to set up and offer various features for different purposes. You have to pick the right app according to your requirement. To store all your valuable content of personal or enterprise, these above are its best, and some of the apps will provide the users unlimited storage to use.