Best Photo Backup Apps for Android: 2022 Edition

Today, around the world, android smartphone users are more in number, and daily use it for various calls, texts, clicks, etc. What if the mobile storage or SD card storage is full? Not too much to think about, there are several backup apps for android mobiles in this digital market. The best backup service provider is the requirement to keep all your data safe without facing any trouble. Many of them worry about their valuable data to protect and can view after the cloud storage. It is always good to have a perfect backup solution app on your mobile to prevent data loss. In this article, we listed the best photo backup apps for android that help you backup all your photos and videos with excellent protection.

Free Photo Backup Apps for Android

Here is a compilation of some of the best photo backup apps for Android which you must take a look at

1. Google Photos | Free Photo Backup App for Android

Google Photos

Google Photos is a perfect solution for free photo backup apps for android devices. The backup will proceed automatically with a high internet connection, and it is a fantastic app that can work on all types of devices. Google Photos is more suitable for all kinds of photos and also for professional photographers too. The backup service provides up to 15GB of storage for free and can store high-quality photographs.


  • In your phone, tablet, computer, or any device photos and videos are safe with automatic backup.
  • Up to 16-megapixel photos and up to 1080p video you can enjoy unlimited free storage services at high quality.
  • Wherever you go, your photos will always be with you, and they are accessible from any device via apps.
  • Your photos are available offline too. So you can access them, even without using an internet connection.


  • Available for free of cost up to 15GB of storage used for personal purposes. Can start a free trial if you are likely to go with premium plans that offer extra.

For 100GB of storage, INR 1300/Year

  • 200GB of storage, INR 210/month and 2100/year
  • For 2TB, INR 650/month

2.Dropbox | Best Free Photo Backup App for Android


If your primary concern is that your device storage is full, don’t worry when Dropbox is on your Android mobile. It can backup automatically all your photos, videos, documents, and other files for free. For extra features and perks, go for the premium plan that includes more storage space, encryption, file versioning features, and a lot more. Dropbox backup software is a great solution for document and photo storage service.


  • Dropbox helps people to organize, get in sync, and stay secure with their teams.
  • Store and access files from anywhere
  • Creates and edit all your content
  • Possible for team works
  • Will helps to keep projects moving forward with your team in sync and helps to connect to the tools you use every day


  • Available for free and offers a free trial for your professional purposes.
  • For individuals, Dropbox plus costs $9.99/month
  • For individual professional, costs $16.58/month
  • For a standard team, it costs $12.50/month
  • Advanced features $20/month per user

The best Photo Backup Apps for Android

3.Titanium | Best Android Backup Software for PC

Titanium Backup

For android backup software apps, Titanium Backup is the most reliable with a free version to download and use. It allows you to restore apps, app data, conversations, and other data automatically. Cloud restoring and cloud backups are some of the features that will include premium purchasers. Even can create scheduling backup with premium and the removal of app hibernation, bloatware, and added many more in it.

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  • Performs a mass backup
  • Creates a recovery backup.Zip file
  • Scheduled backups
  • Cloud storage
  • Restoring from backup
  • Managing bloatware


  • Available for free of cost
  • For the Pro version, contact the vendor and get the pricing details

4.Helium App Sync and Backup | Photo Backup Software App for Android

For the mobile backup space, Helium App Sync and Backup is the primary choice for Android devices. The Helium app on your mobile will allow you to backup and restore app data, call log, contacts, messages, documents, etc. Its specialty is like any other app; it does not require root to backup the files and folders. The only disadvantage is it will run ads for the free version, and the premium version does not play any ads.


  • Backup and restore to SD card
  • Backup and restore from PC

Pricing: Free of cost including with Ads. Go for the premium pricing plan for an automatic backup schedule without ads.

5.Contacts+ | Best Photo Storage App for Android

To reduce the risk of losing data in your Android mobile, don’t worry, Contacts+ is the solution. Download this app to your android phone and backup all your mobile data for free. Contacts+ allows the users to organize and integrate all the contacts to all social media connections easily. Even it recommends deleting duplicates and gives potential updates to the users. For premium account holders, it will improve business card scanning and contact syncing.


  • Business Card Scanning
  • Contact Import/Export
  • Contact Sync
  • Customizable Fields
  • Image Editor
  • Search/Filter
  • Secure Contact Storage
  • Segmentation


  • Available for free
  • It allows for a free trial of 14 days
  • For the premium version, $8.33/month for 5 accounts
  • For business/small teams $12.99/month/user

6.SMS Backup and Restore | Photo Backup App for Free

SMS Backup and Restore

We love to chat with our friends, family, and relatives on our mobile devices. The only concern is to save all the chats, but it isn’t easy to do if storage exceeds. SMS Backup and Restore is the application to do so, and it can restore in the cloud. Using Wi-Fi or email allows the users to schedule automatic backups, restore specific conversations, transfer conversations, and call logs to other devices. To keep all your data a copy, this is the tool with comprehensive backup functions.


  • It can backup SMS messages, MMS, and call logs in the form of the XML format.
  • Local device backup with various options can automatically upload to One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • To backup automatically, you have to choose a recurring scheduled time.
  • It has an option to select which messages to backup or not.
  • View and drill options are available in your local and cloud backups.
  • You can search for backups.
  • Can easily restore/transfer backup to another device. For the Android version, the Backup format is independent and the messages, logs can be easily transferred irrespective of the version from one phone to another.
  • It transfers the data very fast between 2 phones over WiFi direct.
  • It will free up space on your mobile.
  • Can delete all SMS messages or call logs on the phone after backup.
  • It emails a backup file.
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Pricing: Available for free of cost

7. My Backup Pro | Best Automatic Photo Backup App

My Backup Pro

For backup and management of data on your mobile, My Backup Pro is a perfect choice. It is the best automatic photo backup app with reliable functions like backup scheduling, cloud backups, and many more. My Backup Pro will work for non-rooted android devices and backup all the data in the mobile. For a demo version, go for a free trial and then decide yourself.


  • Using your local device or SD card, it will backup and restore data.
  • With the help of an On The Go (OTG) USB card, you can backup and restore
  • Use your Dropbox account for cloud backup to our secure online servers.
  • Use your personal Google Drive account for Cloud backup.
  • Migrate all your information directly between 2 devices
  • Backup directly to your computer over the Internet!
  • Schedule multiple different backups to multiple locations
  • You can restore the data to an existing or new Android device.
  • All Android 1.6+ devices supported!
  • Available in 16 languages
  • With advanced features and settings, it is super easy to backup.


  • Free of cost
  • Price may vary according to the storage per month

8.Contact Backup and Restore Pro | Best Photo Backup Software for Android

Contact Backup and Restore Pro

The easiest way to backup all your mobile data with Contact Backup and Restore Pro software. One of the best photo backup software for android is contact backup which works with a simple click, and the data will be secure without any doubts. It has the facility to set up the backup for a weekly or monthly basis. Contact Backup is the backup provider and allows users to transfer the files and folders to other devices quickly.


  • Backup all your Contacts to another Android device or sd card, Gmail, and dropbox.
  • Restore vcf from sd card / Gmail / drop-box without duplicate or overlap contact.
  • Restore all information in contact, even including the images
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Backup notification after certain contact limit
  • Add contacts from business card QR scanning
  • Searching options on Contacts

Pricing: Free of cost and for premium plans consult the vendor then proceed based on their suggestions.

The best Photo Backup Apps for Android in India

9.Microsoft Onedrive | Best Photo Backup App for Android


One place to save a copy of mobile data like photos, videos, call log, messages, app data with Microsoft Onedrive software. It is a free online backup and storage provider that works for personal and business purposes. With Microsoft Onedrive, it is easy to share and collaborate with your files with friends, mates, or colleagues. For android devices, it is the best solution to work personally or professionally.


  • Secured by identity verification like a fingerprint, face recognition, SMS code, etc.
  • It allows the users of android devices to scan documents, take pictures, or shoot videos directly.
  • On your PC it will Automatically relock the device
  • It requires re-authentication to access if any open files get locks.
  • Store all your sensitive or essential files like your passport, driving license, insurance documents, or other vital files in your Vault.
  • Files stay safe in a place, and you can easily find them.
  • OneDrive cloud storage has robust security, including scanning for viruses, ransomware detection, file encryption, monitoring for suspicious activity, and recovery.
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Pricing: Free of cost up to 5GB of storage and offers different plans for homes and businesses.

OneDrive for Home (6 people):

  • For 365 family INR 5299.00/Year of 6TB of storage
  • Microsoft 365 personal, INR 4199.00/Year with 1TB of storage
  • OneDrive standalone storage of 100GB INR 140/month

OneDrive for Business:

  • OneDrive Business for file sharing and storage Plan 1 INR 330/month per user.
  • For plan 2 INR 660/month per user with advanced security and compliance capabilities
  • Microsoft 365 Business basic INR 125/month per user
  • Microsoft 365 Business standard INR 660/month and can try free for one month for this version for office apps, class emails, and storage services.

10.Box | Photo Backup App


The software “Box” is an online photo backup service provider that helps to keep a copy of your android mobile data safe and secure. Backup files, including photos, videos, music, important documents, and more. It offers a free version of about 10GB of storage for your personal and business content. For the premium version, there are pricing plans and choose according to your requirement.


  • Will store all your backup data on the server in a file system, and no archive or tape devices to use.
  • The server trusts only to make files available and when they need and all data is protected.
  • A backup daemon runs on systems to backup and copies are encrypted to the server when it identifies any changes
  • Just like rsync, the changes in the files sent to the server location.
  • Behaves like tape, old versions, and deleted files are available
  • Choice of backup behavior optimized for document or server backup
  • It’s designed with an easy interface and cheap to run a server.
  • Portable implementation, and RAID implementations in userland for reliability without a complex server setup.


  • For personal purposes, it is available for free and INR 785/month/user Personal pro version
  • For business purposes, the starter version costs INR 410/month/user for 100GB of storage.
  • For unlimited storage, costs 1.160 rupees/month/user, and for business plus version INR 1.98/month/user
  • For unlimited storage and enterprise purposes costs 2.730 rupees/month

The data in our android devices will increase day by day in photos, videos, chats, etc. It leads to out of mobile storage, and the only solution is to backup our data regularly to save the data. The usage of different backup software is rapidly growing and choosing them based on reliability. You can select the best photo backup apps for android in this article to avoid data loss. So, go for the automatic backup as it will easily backup your mobile data without any risk. The free demo version of the data backup software is also available to experience all the functions for personal content and enterprise versions.