Best Server Backup Software Tools: 2022 Edition

Today, most businesses are moving to the digital world, and servers’ necessity is becoming essential. The server backup is significant to any business environment for more storage and centralized data. A server backup will keep a copy of your business data to prevent data loss or cyber-criminal attack and system failures. So, it is always pretty much useful to have a data backup, and this is why the server backup software tools came forward to resolve the issues. There are different backup solutions like continuous, incremental, and Differential backups. We have mentioned the best and free server backup software tools designed for personal content backup and business backups.

Best Automated Server Backup Software Tools

Here is a comprehensive list of automated server backup solutions that you can take a look at.

1. Unitrends | Best Free Server Backup Software Tools


Description: Among the best free server backup software tools, Unitrends is one of the backup and integration applications. It will backup your data automatically for long-term up to 1TB storage for free. As a backup service, it will include protection for the information that will recover from the device. It is easy to use and can backup your data with a few clicks. Moreover, Unitrends is an entirely effortless backup solution with cloud disaster protection. It is an instant recovery app with a generous addition of features suitable for personal content and businesses.


  • Ransomware Protection
  • Integrated Cloud Continuity
  • Recovery Plan
  • Instant Recovery
  • Enterprise Deduplication
  • Third-Party Integration


  • It is available for free of cost for limited storage.
  • For the enterprise version of the recovery series, it costs $335,398/year
  • For the enterprise version, backup costs $298,200/year
  • For windows-based backup, it costs $583,494/year

2.Backup4all | Best Server Backup Software Tools


Description: Backup4all is a rich backup service provider compatible with all types of devices, and it is automatic backup software. It protects all your valuable data and has a straightforward user interface for beginners. It is available for 5GB of storage for free of cost, and you can easily share the files with anyone. If you like to experience more advanced features with Backup4all, go for a free trial for up to 30 days and analyze how it works for business editions. You can backup all your personal content with Backup4all software.


  • Automatic backups
  • Backup & Restore Wizards
  • Backup open files
  • Block-level Backup
  • Cloud Backups
  • Data backup
  • Email Notifications
  • Backup Plugins
  • FTP Backup Software
  • Configurability
  • Ribbon Interface
  • Mirror with zipping
  • Multi-Language
  • Predefined backups
  • Ransomware protection
  • SFTP Backup
  • Smart Backup Type
  • Standard Zip Compression
  • Version Tracking

Pricing: It is available for a free trial and the pricing ranges vary based on the license.

  • For professional purposes, a lifetime license costs $39.99/one-time payment.
  • For the standard version, $29.99/one-time payment
  • For the lite version, $24.99/life-time payment
  • Backup4all portable costs $53.99 and monitor $4.99 with other required actions.
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The best server backup software tools

3.Duplicati 2.0 | Best Server Backup Tools

Duplicati 2.0

Description: Nowadays, many business people’s primary concern is data loss due to an increase in cybercriminals or ransomware attacks. If you are looking to backup and protect all your data from your device, Duplicati 2.0 is the best server backup software tool. It offers incremental backup and auto-updates your data by providing strong encryption to it. It is just not only backups your data but also fixes all types of network issues instantly. Duplicati 2.0 has a web user interface and allows users to access the information anytime and anywhere.


  • Strong Encryption
  • Incremental Backups
  • Compression
  • Online Backup Verification
  • Deduplication
  • Safe and protection
  • Command-line interface
  • Backup open files
  • Scheduling and Auto-Backup

Pricing: The pricing of Duplicati may vary and it is completely based on storage. Contact the vendor for pricing details and pick one that suits your business or enterprise.

4.Areca | Best Server Backup and Restore software Tool

Areca Backup

Description: For all your essential data backups regularly, Areca is the best server backup and restore tool. It is an open-source software tool designed mainly to backup copies of all your files and folders. It has some extra features along with incremental backup, file compression, and having a simple design. Like many other apps, Areca backup server software will also protect all your data to prevent any cyber attacks without any second thought.


  • differential backup
  • encryption
  • compression
  • incremental backup

Pricing: For pricing details contact the vendor as the price is based on the backup storage.

5.UrBackup | Best Automatic Server Backup Software


Description: Urbackup is an open-source automatic server backup software application, where you can store and protect all your data. It is just not only an image file backup solution but also a fast restoration service provider. Incremental Backup service will help to work high-speed backup and continuously look into the changes made in the file up to date. It has a client user interface and also configured to the web interface.


  • Full and incremental image and file backups
  • Compatible for the devices like Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD
  • Fast calculation of file tree differences that leads to very fast incremental file backups
  • During an incremental image backup, only used when the changes made in the hard disk sectors are transmitted
  • Image and file backups when the system is working
  • File metadata such as last modified time backup
  • Easy to use file and image restore
  • Easy to configure the files and can use file backup access
  • E-Mail alerts and notifications if a machine isn’t backup the data
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Pricing: Contact the dealer for pricing details.

6.Bareos | Best Server Backup and Recovery Software


Description: Bareos is one of the best server backup and recovery software solutions with different backup strategies like incremental, full, and differential backup services. For both hardware and software, Bareos server backup supports compression and encryption. It offers open interfaces so that it is most suitable for IT environments. With subscription plans, Bareos provides access to special features, and it has a user interface to manage backups, and will fully be data secured.


  • All general backup features
  • Backup disk and tape drives
  • Full, incremental, and differential backup
  • Migrations, copies,
  • Virtual full backups and deduplication
  • Backup into the cloud
  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • Open interfaces to easily integrate into any existing IT environments
  • Bareos supports IPv6

Pricing: Consult the dealer for the pricing details either monthly or yearly plan.

7.FBackup | Free Server Backup and Restore Tool


Description: FBackup has a simple interface and can do backup easily as per your requirement. It will protect all your files once the backup job process has happened, and at the same time, the backup process will happen in automatic or manual ways. For automatic backup, it allows you to schedule what time you need to backup your device. It will easily backup all your files, documents, multimedia, etc., and protects them without paying a single penny.


  • Automatic Backups
  • Mirror Backups
  • Action-defined Backups
  • Multiple Backup Destinations
  • Backup with Zip Compression
  • Cloud Backups
  • Backup Open Files
  • Backup Plugins
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Automatic Updates
  • Multi-language

Pricing: The software is available for free of cost.

8.AOMEI | Best Backup and Recovery Tool


Description: AOMEI is one of the recommended server backup tools that are compatible with all types of devices. Backup, restore, and cloning features make AOMEI the best backup and recovery tool. To prevent system crashes, any unintentional deletion of files or data, your device needs a backup tool, and the AOMEI backup tool is right. It protects all your information and will backup your device data automatically. Because of the easy-user interface, you can share your files and view them anywhere and anywhere.


  • Anti Ransomware
  • AOMEI OneKey Recovery
  • Backup and Restore
  • Dissimilar Hardware Restore
  • Files & Folders Synchronization
  • Free Backup, Clone, and Restore
  • Hard Disk Imaging Software
  • Image Deployment
  • NAS Knowledge Base
  • PXE Network Boot Tool
  • System Migration and Disk Clone
  • Wbadmin Backup and Recovery
  • Windows 7,8, 9, 10 Backup, Clone, and Restore

Pricing: It is available for a free trial for 30 days and the pricing plan varies for different purposes like professional, workstation, and technical.

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The best server backup software tools in India

9. Avast | Best Server Backup Software


Description: If you would like to backup all your information with excellent protection, Avast is the best server backup software tool. It will keep data safe and secure, decreasing the saving time as it automatically backs up and restores all the data. It gives access to view the backup data at any time and anywhere. The advantage of this app is it will notify you if any backup failure occurs. Avast is suitable for personal and business purposes in any environment.


  • Backup Log
  • Backup Scheduling
  • Cloud Storage Backup
  • Encryption
  • Incremental Backup
  • Local Server Options
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Web Access / Restoration

Pricing: Contact the expert for a pricing plan and other details according to your requirement.

10. Acronis | Best Server Backup Tool

Acronis True Image

Description: Acronis backup software sets a benchmark for backup and recovery data with innovative features. Regardless of the size of the data, it can manage to backup from various sources. You can set up a backup in both manual and automatic processes from your device. Acronis will continuously backup all the business information and protect them to prevent any system failure or ransomware attack. It has a simple user interface and suitable for personal content too.


  • Acronis Universal Restore
  • Acronis Instant Restore
  • Virtual Protection
  • Cloud Protection
  • Mobile Protection
  • Bare-Metal recovery
  • Microsoft Business App Protection
  • Acronis vmFlashback
  • Encrypted Storage
  • Fast Results
  • Acronis Cloud Storage
  • Cloud and Local Web Console
  • Safe Solution
  • VMware vSphere Replication
  • WAN Optimization


  • Acronis True Image offers a free trial for 30days and enjoy 1TB of storage.
  • For flexible backups, the essential plan offers INR 3550/year for 1 computer.
  • For advanced features, INR 6390/Year with the inclusion of 500GB of storage per device.
  • Premium plan INR 8870/year up to 5TB of storage

This article has mentioned different software backup tools and makes it easy to pick the right one. It’s time to proceed with a server backup software tool that meets your requirements. The backup software tools mentioned in the list are suitable to install for both personal and business purposes. At the same time, we listed simple backup and restore service providers to choose among them for your personal content, and these are free of cost to use. For organizational purposes, here are the tools to secure all your business operations and sensitive information. Go for a free trial to analyze the features of what software offers, and it meets your needs or not.