Best Small Business Backup Software Tools: 2022 Edition

An organization needs to deal with many numbers of files, folders, contacts, emails, documents, and much more. It is always better to keep a copy of business operations by backup all of them with a software tool. Many of the backup software tools are available in the market, and it isn’t easy to pick the right ones. Here in the article, we have mentioned the best small business backup software tools for the 2022 edition.

Why Should You Use a Small Business Backup Software Tool

You may work for several hours on your computer, and at some point in time, you may face a computer crash/failure, or cyber-criminal attack, or a virus attack. To prevent such kinds of issues, a backup for your entire system is essential. Nowadays, it is not a difficult task at all to backup all your valuable information. Many tools protect all your data safely and securely. No matter the business’s size, a backup and recovery are necessary because we may lose all our data at any time.

How to Choose the Best Small Business Backup Software Tool?

To backup and protect all your business operations data, you must need perfect software that suits your business requirements. Backup software must be reliable even others can use simultaneously and allows to schedule the backup. The storage data must be more, and data must be shareable. An essential requirement to choose the best backup software is where it should locate the file. Partition selection, data compression, backup type selection, and scaling are some of the top points to recognize before selecting the best backup tool for your business.

Best Small Business Backup Software Tools of 2022

Here is a list of some of the best small business backup software tools that can be used to take periodic backups of software.

1. Acronis | Best Small Business Backup Software Tool

Acronis True Image

The best and fast backup solution for any environment like virtual, physical, and cloud is Acronis Cyber Backup software. It is more suitable for business backup software that offers complete backup and protection for your data. Acronis is the most reliable backup software in the market, especially for small business vendors. It has a great history and well-deserved fame for even storing data for personal purposes. So, it has an excellent choice for both cloud-based storage and anti-ransomware for any device.


  • It can reduce the outage of the recovery time with best-in-industry RTO by starting any physical or virtual Windows system or Linux system directly from the backup storage.
  • It can restore an entire system to new, dissimilar hardware with a few clicks.
  • The technology ensures easy system migration between physical and virtual platforms.
  • It can recover up to two times faster with a complete system image available and smart technology that automatically detects boot requirements.


  • Acronis True Image offers a free trial for 30days and enjoy 1TB of storage.
  • For flexible backups, the essential plan offers INR 3550/year for 1 computer.
  • For advanced features, INR 6390/Year with the inclusion of 500GB of storage per device.
  • Premium plan INR 8870/year up to 5TB of storage
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2. Arcserve | Best Small Business Backup Software


For any workload, Arcserve is one of the best small business backup software. It has excellent data storage and protection tool for any size of business. On the Whole, Arcserve is the best small business backup software that has flexible data handling options. It has strong support to deliver backup data solutions, and it is the choice for many businesses.



  • File Server Backup
  • Database Server Backup
  • Virtual Machines


  • Continuous Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Storage Capacity
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Backup
  • Storage


  • Security Standards
  • Data Deduplication


  • Data Backup
  • Backup Automation


  • Data Protection
  • Admin
  • Backup Management


  • Available for a free trial
  • For pricing, license contact the Arcserve vendor

3. Synology Backup | Best Small Business Backup Tool


For physical and virtual environments, Synology backup software is the best small business backup tool. It can rapidly restore files, documents, and the entire system whenever it is necessary. In this modern digital business, backup and instant recovery of the data becomes easy with the Synology Backup software tool. It will allow you to unlimited backup data without payment of a single penny or any other software license costs.


  • Backup without any license fee and Corin saved 84,000 AUD for the license fee.
  • Can save storage capacity with Global deduplication – SHISEIDO saved 54% of storage space.
  • Integration of Microsoft RCT and VMware CBT to perform forever incremental backup.
  • Has a flexible restore option include full system restore, file-level restore, instant restore to VMware, Hyper-V, and even Synology Virtual Machine Manager.

Pricing: Free Trial is available and contact the expert for pricing details

4. Veeam | Best Small Business Backup and Recovery Software


For a complete disaster recovery and backup solution, Veeam is the right choice for your business. It helps companies of any size for any workloads to achieve comprehensive data protection. Veeam is one of the best small business backup and recovery software perfect for virtual, physical, and cloud-based environments. Moreover, it is a fast and reliable backup application that helps vendors to achieve fast.


  • Reliably back up for any workload, achieve shorter backup times, and reduce operational costs with unparalleled flexibility.
  • Lightning-fast restores for files, virtual machines (VMs), NAS, and applications, ensuring low recovery time objectives (RTOs).
  • Natively back up, recover, or migrate any workload to and from AWS or Microsoft Azure to keep your data safe from attack.
  • Can reuse your backup data to ensure security, compliance, recoverability, successful upgrades, and make smarter decisions.
  • Can use image-based replication and streamlined disaster recovery (DR) for increased speed, security, and availability.
  • Can create fast backups and replicas from snapshots by using hardware from nearly any storage provider, without lock-in.

Pricing: Contact sales as the price may vary according to your requirement.

5. iDrive | Best Small Business Backup and Recovery Tool


IDrive is the best backup and recovery tool for small businesses as it has great features that reflect the business operations efficiently. It has a clean management interface and can also protect the data to prevent any data loss. Because of his excellent data security features, you don’t worry about any ransomware attack. The cost is significantly less to deal with small businesses and has a simple design.

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  • Up to 10 TB of personal storage space.
  • Support for an unlimited number of devices
  • 30-day free trial
  • File sharing cloud sync
  • Disk image backups
  • Physical drive backups through iDrive Express


  • iDrive offers a free trial and switch to the best backup and cloud storage.
  • For personal purposes, $69.50/year per user and unlimited computers that offers 5TB of storage.
  • For Team, $99.50/year for 5 computers and 5 users.
  • For businesses, 500 GB – $199.50/year
  • For Enterprise, $39.50/year

6. CloudBerry | Best Small Business Backup Solution


From disaster recovery, CloudBerry offers cool solutions, especially for small businesses. It is the best small business backup solution that manages file transfers across cloud storage, including Oracle, Amazon, and many more. It has a lot of smart software techniques so that you need to provide storage targets. It works on different devices like Windows, Linux, Mac, Hyper-V, and VMware. On the whole, it acts like a data backup for business and personal content, though.


  • Support for a wide range of backup sources
  • Bring-Your-Own-Storage (BYOS) solution
  • Restore system images to Amazon S3 or Azure
  • No vendor lock-in


  • Available for free of cost and for the paid version it has a free trial.
  • A one-time payment, the pricing range starts from $27/month/user.

7. CrashPlan | Best Small Business Backup Data Files


Crashplan is an excellent and well-priced backup solution for small size businesses. It is a complete automatic cloud-based backup solution and protects all your business operations, data folders, emails, contacts, and media files. Crashplan provides a constant backup of new files and works continuously on the background of the desktop. Small-sized companies, organizations, or entrepreneurs, whatever it is CrashPlan is one of the best backup solutions for all your functions.


  • Restore and back-up Files from anywhere, at anytime
  • Can Protect every version of every file, forever, with no limits
  • It protects the critical data that lives on employee endpoints.

Pricing: Contact the vendor for a pricing solution and to experience, it offers a free trial version.

8. MozyPro | Best Small Business Backup Software Strategy

Mozy Pro

All your business contacts, files, emails, photos, financial information, and other vital details are can backup with the help of the MozyPro Backup software tool. It copies all your business operation details and keeps them safe. If you are supposed, delete any file from your computer then nothing to worry about it. This tool will save every single file or folder that is on your desktop. It is more suitable for cloud services and virtualized environments.


  • Desktop and laptop backup
  • Server backup
  • Incremental backups
  • Multiple, reliable data restores
  • Encryption key options
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Data seeding
  • File sync
  • Centralized account management
  • Simplified storage management
  • Local backup with Mozy 2xProtect™
  • Mobile access
  • Automatic or scheduled backups
  • Custom configurations
  • World-class data centers
  • Audits and certifications


  • A free trial is available
  • Contact the expert and choose the plan based on your business purposes.
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9. EaseUs | Best Small Business Backup and Recovery


EaseUs is one of the best small business backup and recovery software tools. It is a perfect backup solution for any size of business and environment. It is easy to protect all your business operation data with the EaseUs Software tool. EaseUs will help to backup and restore data files, documents, and the entire system automatically. You can reduce downtime with EaseUs on Windows servers, Exchange databases, and MS SQL.


  • 16TB hard drive capacity
  • Complete backup modes
  • Centralized backup management
  • Supports backup to cloud
  • Full/incremental/differential/schedule backup
  • Windows and Mac compatibility
  • Support Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
  • Email notification, offsite copy, pre/post-command, and file exclusion
  • Disk clone, migrate OS to SSD/HDD
  • Command-line backup
  • Outlook email backup & recovery
  • Event-based schedule backup
  • Transfer system to different PC


  • Free of cost up to 1TB of storage
  • EaseUS Todo Backup Home – $29.95/year for a single license for 1 PC or Mac, $14.50 for an upgrade
  • EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation – $39.00/year for a single license for 1 PC, $19.50 for an upgrade
  • EaseUS Todo Backup Server – $199.00/year for a single license for 1 PC, $99.50 for an upgrade.
  • EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server – $299.00/year for a single license for 1 PC, $149.50 for an upgrade.
  • EaseUS Todo Backup Technician – $999.00/year for a technician license for multiple PCs.

10. Nakivo | Best Small Business Recovery software


For data management and protection services, Nakivo is the best software. It is also suitable for any business and ensures that all your business operations data is safe. Nakivo, a business backup, and recovery software tool, offers users extraordinary features, outstanding support, and affordable pricing. The disaster recovery software tool is suitable for different environments like Saas, virtual, physical, and cloud.


  • File Server Backup
  • Database Server Backup
  • Virtual Machines
  • Repository Models


  • Continuous Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Storage Capacity
  • Remote Backup
  • Activity Monitoring


  • Security Standards
  • Data Deduplication


  • For basic, $99/socket
  • For pro essentials, $199/socket, $50 per server
  • For enterprise essentials, $299/socket. $69/server
  • For a complete pro version, $399/socket, $80/server
  • For enterprise and enterprise plus contact the vendor
  • For Microsoft Backup $0.75/month per user
  • Backup for ORACLE RMAN $150 per database

Are you looking for the best small business backup software tools, then you’re at the right place. Here, in this article, we mentioned the list of software backup tools designed especially for small businesses. Before, if you want to pick the right software application, look into the apps that suit your organization. Most of them are suitable for small businesses and also available at affordable prices. The above-listed tools offer a free trial for 30 days, and in the free trial, you can analyze what kind of features it provides to a business. Not only, but the most useful function of these tools are also protecting all your essential business information. So, go through the article on the backup tools list and pick the right software tool that meets all your requirements.