Best Website Backup Plugins for WordPress: 2022 Edition

What happens if suddenly your website crashes? Nothing to do, you and your business are just in deep trouble when you don’t have a website data backup. A website backup is necessary to get out of these kinds of situations, no matter the business size. In this article, we are talking about the list of the best website backup plugins for WordPress. Regular backups are an immediate solution to get rid of these kinds of problems.

Why Should You Use Website Backup Plugins for WordPress

Your business website may be in trouble without knowing you and to avoid such typical failures a website backup is necessary. Otherwise, you are going to face a terrific issue, and it may be long-term trouble. Every business needs a backup, and it is crucial that helps you at any point in time. Whenever your website crashes, you should relax and retrieve the already backed data in any cloud storage. So, you should select the best website backup that can backup data not to lose content or files.

How to Choose the Best Website Backup Plugin for WordPress?

Nowadays, a backup for a website is important, and we have to choose the best website backup plugins that meet all the business requirements. There are dozens of website backup tools in the market and pick the right ones that fit your organization. Backup location and Backup methods are the two criteria to consider before choosing the website backup plugin for WordPress. You have to look into backup plans, whether it is a schedule/automatic backup, complete backup, or database backup. Moreover, the WordPress plugin must support the cloud storage location, and then it is taken into consideration as a perfect website backup solution to the business.

Best Website Backup Plugins for WordPress of 2022

Here is a list of the best website backup plugins for WordPress to help you secure your website with on-time data backups.

1. UpdraftPlus | Best Website Backup Plugin for WordPress


The most active install with the best website backup plugin for WordPress is UpdraftPlus. It has a free version and paid version with the addition of some extra features, and in both of them, users can easily set up backups like full, incremental, and scheduled for your website. The backup can be done not only for databases but also themes, plugins. UpdraftPlus restores files with simple and to perform the backup all you need is a little technical knowledge. It supports multiple cloud storage options like Google Drive, DropBox, S3 services, and many more.


  • Restores and backup
  • Backup to cloud storage options than any others
  • Can set up an automatic backup schedule
  • It works faster while using a few resources
  • Incremental backups
  • Easily duplicates or migrates websites (with Migrator)
  • Multisite/multi-network compatible
  • Backs up non-WP files and databases to multiple remote destinations
  • More storage destinations (e.g. OneDrive, BackBlaze, Azure, SFTP) and multiple destinations
  • Database encryption
  • Advanced reporting
  • Supports WP-CLI
  • Free dedicated expert support


  • For 2 licenses, the pricing plan of personal is $70/year
  • For 10 licenses, the pricing plan of business is $95/year
  • For 35 licenses, the pricing plan of the agency is $145/year
  • For unlimited licenses, the pricing plan of the enterprise is $195/year
  • For unlimited licenses plus, the gold plan is $399/year
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2. WPVivid | Best Website Backup WordPress Plugin


WPVivid is one of the best website backup WordPress plugins that can backup and restore all your site data. It is included with cloud storage locations like Dropbox, S3 services, Google Drive and can backup databases automatically. WPVivid does not offer any backup size, but all you can do is with one-click backup and restore. If you are likely to manage all your website backup, don’t worry about it because it is compatible with the main WP site manager. It has many options like multisite support, incremental backups, advanced scheduling, remote storage, user role capabilities, etc.


  • Customize the data to backup
  • Incremental backups
  • Database backups encryption
  • Auto backup WordPress core, themes, and plugins
  • Unused images cleaner (Beta)
  • WordPress Multisite backup
  • Create a staging for a WordPress MU
  • Create a fresh WP install
  • Advanced remote storage
  • Advanced backup schedules
  • Restore backups from remote storage
  • Migrate everything via remote storage
  • Edit user roles capabilities


  • The free trial version is available for 14 days for 2 websites
  • For basic subscription, pricing plan $49/year up to 3 websites
  • For freelancer subscription, the pricing plan is $99/year for up to 100 websites
  • For ultimate subscription, the pricing plan is $149/year for unlimited websites

3. Jetpack Backup | Best Backup Plugin for WordPress


A jetpack is software that offers many of the tools for WordPress sites. Yes, Jetpack is the best website backup plugin for WordPress, and it creates automatic backups. With this application, you can backup the entire system daily. The backup data will store the server itself, and the backups must be incremental to decrease the load on your server. Jetpack is a simple restore process with a click and notifies you with an email regarding the backup updates.


  • Automate the daily backups of unlimited data
  • 30-day backup archive
  • Easy site-migration and a click to restore
  • Expert support provide by emails
  • Has powerful features like image CDN, lazy loading, etc.


  • To automated backup daily, the pricing plan is INR 416.67/month if billed yearly.
  • For backup, scan, security daily, INR1560/month
  • For a complete backup, marketing, growth, and security INR 6240/month

4. Duplicator | Best Website Database Plugin for WordPress


One of the most downloaded plugins with many numbers active installations is Duplicator. It is the best website database plugin for WordPress that can backup the entire system to prevent website failure or data loss. It will backup the data and transfer it from one location to another with great protection. Duplicator is the simplest backup plugin and also offers extraordinary features.


  • Choose from cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon, S3, and FTP.
  • Receive email alerts when a backup has been made
  • Custom search and replace is awesome for when you have lots of backups.
  • Multi-site is supported
  • This is one of the best backup plugins for supporting larger sites


  • Available free version
  • For the pro version, Personal costs $69/year with 3 site licenses
  • For freelancer version, costs $89/year with 15 site licenses
  • For business, $149/year with unlimited site licenses
  • For Gold costs $499/year with unlimited site licenses

5. Blog Vault | Best Website Backup Plugin Tool

Blog Vault

For all your website backup solutions, BlogVault is the right choice to use, and it has a simple design. The server load will be less when the incremental backup is good to pick when you set up a server website. On a daily basis, BlogVault will backup your site automatically, and all those backup content will save securely on their servers. So, that you can download those backup data at any time anywhere, you want. Apart from backup and security, BlogVault will manage the dashboard and allows you to update themes, plugins, etc.

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  • Incremental backups
  • Free offsite storage with 24X7 availability
  • To recover from any mistake, 90 days archive
  • First plugin with Multi-site backup support
  • Differential Restore for lightning-fast recovery
  • Perform full Restore offline too
  • Safely test your website changes and updates
  • The staging site runs on the cloud storage server
  • One-click Merge to push changes to live site
  • Approved and compatible with 5,000+ web host services
  • Zero downtime guaranteed
  • Intelligent automatic rewrite of all website URLs
  • Can migrate to a new domain, DNS, or server
  • Backup all orders as and when they take place

Pricing: For small business up to 5 sites backup

  • Basic website backup $7.4/month for the annual bill payment
  • Plus Version – $12.4/month with website backup and security
  • Advanced real-time backup and security $20.75/month

6. SnapShot Pro | Best Website Backup Tool for WordPress

Snapshot Pro

In the website backup industry, SnapShot Pro is one of the best website backup tools for WordPress. It can create both full copies either manually or automatically to their servers and local. In SnapShot Pro, local backups help undo a change quickly, and nothing to fear about any data loss. These backups can be stored directly the cloud-based storage locations like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. With granular controls, this plugin works as an efficient backup service to a website.


  • Safe and secure Incremental backups
  • Automated backups set to your schedule
  • 10GB WPMU DEV cloud storage
  • Store backups on remote destinations
  • Instant email notifications


  • Available free trial version for 7days
  • $5/month and $60/year
  • For security, $7.50/month and $90/year
  • For WP membership, $15.83/month and $190/year

7. CYAN Backup | Best Backup Website Plugin Software

CYAN Backup

CYAN Backup is another super effective and best backup website plugin software. It supports backup on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and if you’re looking for a backup for a website after a few hours, then CYAN backup is the pick for you. It even allows the users to select what kind of data to backup and the data to not backup.


  • A free WordPress backup plugin.
  • It allows you to backup your entire website in a zip file.
  • You can schedule hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backups.

Pricing: Free of cost and for premium version contact the vendor and choose the right one according to your business requirement.

8. Backup Guard | Best Website Backup for WordPress

Backup Guard

Backup Guard is the best website backup for WordPress and disaster recovery services. It solves all your backup problems in as simple as possible ways and helps to save your time. The backup data will perform automatic and manual backups and secure all the website backup. It allows backup in cloud storage so that your data is with a guard. It provides the easiest way to scan and protect the backup website data.

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  • Use the backup site at any time as you want
  • Backup files, database, and both
  • Choose which folders to backup
  • Choose which database tables to backup
  • Restore backups whenever needed
  • Selective files or database restoration
  • Download backups to your operating system
  • Import backups
  • Multisite WordPress Network is supported
  • Backup cancellation is available
  • Explore backup or restore log files
  • Ability to specify custom exclude paths
  • Ability to exclude database tables
  • Precise progress of the current backup or restore
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Scheduled site backups


  • Free Version is available for lifetime usage of one website.
  • For two websites, $25 of lifetime license
  • For up to 5 websites, $39 of lifetime license
  • For unlimited websites, $99 of lifetime license

9. Sucuri Website Backup | Best Website Backup and Restore for WordPress

Sucuri Backup

Sucuri Website Backup is well popular for performance and security purposes. Of course, it is the best website backup and restore for WordPress. It has features that allow firewall, malware monitoring, CDN, malware removal, and a bunch of extra features. Backup process every day with Sucuri will backup website data as it has a simple backup process. The files that you make changes is for instantly backup and store securely. The best quality of Sucuri is it allows the website to load faster and make it more secure.


  • File system backed up over FTP/SFTP
  • MySQL Database auto-detection
  • Customer support available
  • Download backups from the Sucuri dashboard
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Schedule backups at a specific time
  • Alerts on failure to backup
  • Skip directories if needed
  • Backups organized by time and date
  • Locked down in the Sucuri cloud infrastructure
  • Off-site storage keeps hackers out
  • Configuration for websites on any CMS system or web host
  • Incremental backups


  • The basic $199.99/year per website.
  • For the pro version, $299.99/year per site
  • For the business version, it costs $499.99/year per site
  • Contact the vendor to your enterprise for multiple sites and can experience more features.

10. All-in-one Migration | Best WordPress Website Database Plugins

All-in-one Migration

All-in-one Migration is one of the best WordPress website database plugin tools. Without any requirement of technical knowledge, the backup process of website data, plugins, media files, and themes will happen easily. You can store this website data to cloud locations and can easily view, download them whenever you want.


  • It doesn’t have limitations on host or operating systems
  • Bypass all upload size restrictions
  • Support for MYSQL and MYSQLI
  • Zero Dependencies
  • Migrate WordPress to all cloud storage locations with new premium extensions

Pricing: The premium version of All-in-one Migration is available and you have to contact the vendor for pricing details. Pick the right plan for your business requirements that includes various options.

Running your online business smoothly without facing any hurdles, makes it always important to safely and secure website data. Many website backup plugins in the market and the best website backup plugins for WordPress are in this article. Also mentioned why a website needs a backup of every detail is informed and chooses the right backup plugin.