Website Backup Best Practices: 2022 Edition


Introduction on Website Backup Best Practices When it is in a crisis, every organization to consider how quickly to restore all your critical and sensitive data. To run your business operations in a smooth manner, it is necessary and crucial for the business’s survival to backup all your sensitive data. Most importantly, most of the …

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Website Backup and Recovery Checklist Template:2022


A business owner should be responsible for every event that occurs to the organization, especially when disaster strikes. For business continuity, a website backup checklist template is necessary to backup all your website data to make a copy and store them. Also, able to understand that disaster recovery planning is a complex process and must …

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Server Backup Checklist Template: 2022 Edition


For any enterprise, a server is an essential thing to backup your official database. Are you aware of the maintenance of the server? Yes, it is crucial to maintain your backup in the server like the other equipment. For smooth operation of the server and to avoid downtime, we provide the server backup checklist template …

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How to Restore a Full Website Backup for WordPress Sites


Please don’t risk your WordPress data, whereas all you need is adequate security to it. If you’re one among them facing your site’s troubles, then the one and easiest solution is to restore WordPress. Backup your sensitive data regularly and is essential. So, here are the steps to know how to restore a website backup …

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Database Backup Checklist Template: Server Audit and Recovery


Save a company from various disasters like data loss, cyber attacks, viruses, etc. by using the right backup software. To maintain a database copy of an organization’s data, the database team must maintain hosting services to keep the data in vendors’ servers. Cost deployment, management, simplicity, and flexibility are the top-most factors that must be …

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