Website Backup Strategy and Tips: 2022 Edition


To protect your business continuity, data backup is the crucial activity to perform. If your data backup is having a single operating system or laptop, mobile device, and stolen, your business will be unable to operate. A physical copy of your business data is not adequate protection because of overflooding that can cause fire attacks. …

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Server Backup Best Practices and Tips: 2022 Edition


A file server backup setup is necessary when multiple users need the same core of information like when running a business, organization, enterprise, etc. The file servers may vary in size, i.e., from TBs to PB and the file servers are simple to use. So, it is crucial to backup the data sets and invest …

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Database Backup and Recovery Best Practices: Tips 2022


For business continuity, valid backups and restores play a crucial role and are important for any industry. It is always to check whether the database backup performs either to a disk or tape to prevent data loss. The best practices assure a valid data backup and assist the effectiveness of database backup and recovery. To …

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