Free Cloud Backup Software Tools for Files: 2022 Edition

The way of storing data through online services is possible with cloud storage. All you have to do is a strong internet connection, or a high-speed Wi-Fi connection is a need for a cloud storage process to complete. It is easy to store your data from your device like Windows PC, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, etc. You can upload, download, share, edit presentations, files, folders, images, audio, video, spreadsheets, etc. with others easily. Even you can access your data on other devices with your login data. Here, is the list of free cloud backup software tools that help you store and protect all the sensitive data.

Why Should You Use a Cloud Backup Software Tools for Files

The term “Cloud” indicates something big and various offers in the technical format like storage services, hosting providers, or providing a virtualized physical space. For the storage of any data, cloud storage is the only backup solution for personal, organizational, and many enterprises. Whatever the field is, we may face different threats or issues that lead to data loss. Cloud storage helps the users store various forms of data and protect them to prevent data loss.

How to Choose the Best Free Cloud Backup Software Tool for Files?

To select among the list of free cloud backup software tools, at first, you have to look into the application features whether it meets your requirements or not. Security and privacy, data encryption, integration with Saas applications, automation backups, server storage, the recovery procedure, pricing, customer service, and scalability are some of the segments you have to consider while choosing a free cloud backup software.

Best Free Cloud Backup Software Tools for Files of 2022

We have compiled a list of free cloud backup services and software that can help you store and retrieve essential data. Do take a look at the options available and

1. OneDrive | Free Cloud Backup Software Tools for Files


OneDrive is one of the free cloud backup software tools for files, an online base file synchronization tool. Microsoft OneDrive is available free of cost, especially the people who have a Microsoft account. It is compatible with all devices, and OneDrive applications are helping to scan and store files. It is all about free online storage of files for both personal documents or business documents. OneDrive is not a file backup service provider but also protects them with powerful features.


  • Use your phone to scan and receipts, business cards, store paper documents, or whiteboard notes, and other documents that can store in OneDrive.
  • You can set an expiration date of photos, shared files, and links for security purposes.
  • Allows uploading files up to 15 GB in size.

Pricing: Free of cost up to 5GB of storage and offers different plans for homes and businesses.

OneDrive for Home (6 people):

  • For 365 family INR 5299.00/Year of 6TB of storage
  • Microsoft 365 personal, INR 4199.00/Year with 1TB of storage
  • OneDrive standalone storage of 100GB INR 140/month

OneDrive for Business:

  • OneDrive Business for file sharing and storage Plan 1 INR 330/month per user.
  • For plan 2 INR 660/month per user with advanced security and compliance capabilities
  • Microsoft 365 Business basic INR 125/month per user
  • Microsoft 365 Business standard INR 660/month and can try free for one month for this version for office apps, class emails, and storage services

2. Google Drive | Free Cloud Backup Software Tool

Google Drive

Powerful online file storage powered by Google, and it is a free cloud backup software tool. For PCs, tablets, mobiles, and other devices, this will sync and protect the files for free up to 15GB of storage. It will backup all your device content and access the files at any time, and the best factor of Google Drive is it can automatically store the content. It allows the users to share the backup content and files easily and enables the work seamlessly. Your organization’s files will be safe and protect from data loss.

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  • You can build various Docs, Slides, Sheets.
  • Provides real-time sync.
  • You can create forms to run a survey.
  • Used for macOS.
  • Integrates with external apps like a Gantt chart, diagram tools, mind map.
  • It allows to store the documents up to 1.02 million characters, Google Sites up to 2000,000 characters per page, spreadsheets up to 5 million cells, and presentation up to 100 MB.

Pricing: Available for free of cost up to 15GB of storage used for personal purposes. Can start a free trial if you are likely to go with premium plans that offer extra.

  • For 100GB of storage, INR 1300/Year
  • 200GB of storage, INR 210/month and 2100/year
  • For 2TB, INR 650/month

3. Amazon Drive | Free Cloud Backup Software for Files

Amazon Drive

If you’re looking for free cloud backup software for files, then Amazon Drive is the right pick. It is a cloud storage application powered by Amazon and provides services like file backup, photo printing, file sharing. Also, without any doubt, it is a secure cloud storage application. Amazon Drive will easily access files, documents, photos, music, videos, etc. Even if your device is lost or causes any damage, nothing to worry about your data as it will keep safe and secure. Finally, in Amazon Drive, you can upload any content from any device and share them easily.


File Management

  • Device Syncing
  • Web Interface
  • File Type Support
  • Search


  • File following
  • File Sharing
  • Simultaneously Editing
  • Change Tracking / Audit Logs


  • User and Role Management
  • Single Sign-On
  • Policies and Controls
  • Device Management
  • Storage Limits
  • Storage Zones
  • Security

Pricing: Available for free of cost for limited storage and features. To get more functions with a large amount of storage space contact the vendor.

4. iDrive | Free Cloud Backup Tools for Files


IDrive is the right choice to backup your data, and it is a free cloud backup tool for files. Mac, Linux, IOS, Android are devices iDrive compatible with and backup all your files easily. It is a one-stop solution to keep all your files and folders safe and suitable for personal, businesses, enterprises. On the whole, iDrive is an overall backup service provider with excellent features and can meet your requirements.


  • Cloud backup
  • Multiple device backup
  • Multi-device compatible
  • Social media backup
  • Open/locked files backup
  • Mapped and external drives backup
  • Automated backup
  • Remote computer backup
  • File and folder sharing
  • Unlimited file access
  • Backup logs
  • Mobile apps
  • Real-time file sync
  • Data encryption


  • iDrive offers a free trial and switch to the best backup and cloud storage.
  • For personal purposes, $69.50/year per user and unlimited computers that offers 5TB of storage.
  • For Team, $99.50/year for 5 computers and 5 users.
  • For businesses, 500 GB – $199.50/year
  • For Enterprise, $39.50/year

5. MEGA | Free Cloud Backup solution for files


Mega is a data storage service provider, and it is a free cloud backup solution for files and folders. Mega limited services are the provider for this software application, and it is compatible with all types of devices which can encrypt all your files. Mega is a file hosting service provider, every 6 hours it can allow the users to upload or download 1GB of data files. It is free of cost up to 50GB of file storage and provides convenient services to the users.

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  • Support platforms Mac, Windows, and Linux desktops
  • Android, iOS, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browser extensions
  • End-to-end data encryption using AES-128 and TLS
  • Storage ranging from 15GB to 16TB
  • Synchronizes across all your devices and browsers
  • Administrative reports & analysis
  • 2FA support
  • File versioning


  • 50GB of storage is available for free of cost. For various options, go for a pro account and get 2 months free for a one-year pro-plan.
  • Start with secure file storage in Pro-Lite version costs INR 442.53/month
  • Pro I offers secure cloud storage, communication, and sharing costs INR 885.95/month
  • In the Pro II version, you have plenty of secure cloud storage services INR 1772.79/month
  • To store more data, the Pro III version is a perfect choice as it costs INR 2659.62/month

6. WorkDrive | Free Cloud Backup Tools

Work Drive

The cloud storage system that enables the management of files easily is Work Drive powered by Zoho. It has multiple uses like you can create, share, collaborate with teamwork at a time with a little effort. It can manage any size of the files and give them a full range of security to prevent disasters. Type 2 service organizational control is used by work drive so that you always ensure that your data is safe. Zoho WorkDrive is mainly suitable for an office environment that helps to brainstorm ideas with the team.


  • Allows you to brainstorm with the team in real-time.
  • Can access from devices like tablets, smartphones.
  • Offer customizable reports.
  • You can manage and store files with ease.


  • Available for a free trial
  • For a starter, INR 120/month/user if billed annually. Allows to use 3 users and with an upload limit of 1GB file
  • For a team, INR 240/month/user annual bill payment structure. It allows uploading 5GB of file limit.
  • For business purposes, INR 480/month/user for annual bill payment, and the upload limit is 50GB file.

7. Dropbox | Free Cloud Backup Software


Dropbox is a file hosting service specially designed for cloud backup software for files. It provides file synchronization, client software, cloud storage, personal cloud, etc., as you can work alone or team up with others. As it has a facility to collaborate with others and so you can easily create, edit, and share the files. Dropbox offers full protection to your data as it is compatible with all devices. It will not only provide security to the data but also works smart and seamlessly.


  • 256-bit AES encryption security
  • Any device accessibility
  • Automatic organization and back-up
  • Automatic updates
  • Efficient syncing
  • File sharing
  • File storage
  • Large file sharing
  • Manually set bandwidths
  • Offline access
  • Online back-up and file recovery
  • Preview and download
  • Simple link-sharing via email, chat, or text message


  • Available for free and offers a free trial for your professional purposes.
  • For individuals, Dropbox plus costs $9.99/month
  • For individual professional costs $16.58/month
  • For a standard team, it costs $12.50/month
  • Advanced features $20/month per user

8. pCloud | Free Cloud Storage Backup Software


pCloud is a free cloud storage backup software, particularly designed to store all your important files and folders. It protects your data, and it is simple to use that allows you to share them easily. pCloud is free of cost up to 10GB of storage and supports all types of devices. Even you can receive the files from others with high-level encryption.

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  • Data Security
  • Client-Side Encryption
  • Project Collaboration
  • Multiple File Sharing Options
  • File History
  • File Backup
  • File Management
  • Access and Synchronization
  • Media


  • Available free trial upto 10GB free.
  • Premium plan 500GB costs $4.99/month or $3.99/month (annual billing) or $175 one-time payment (lifetime license)
  • Premium Plus 2 TB – $9.99/month or $7.99/month (annual billing) or $350 one-time payment (lifetime license)
  • pCloud for Family – $500 one-time payment (lifetime license)
  • Pcloud for Business contact the vendor

9. IceDrive | Free Cloud Storage Backup for Files


If you want to keep your files, folders, and other data safe and secure, then IceDrive software is the free cloud storage backup software for files. It helps you to access files, manage files, and can update all your files effortlessly. Undoubtedly, the IceDrive is a next-generation cloud storage service provider, and you can get 10GB of free storage after signup. It has an extensive cloud storage facility where you can share, collaborate, showcase your files, and the perfect solution for your project maintenance and personal data.


  • Only cloud storage solution that supports Twofish Encryption.
  • Can store files up to 100 TB.
  • It has an easy to use interface that can manage your files in a simple way.
  • Stream Media from the cloud storage and can share with others easily.

Pricing: Available for free of cost and space up to 10GB of cloud storage

10. Sync | Free Cloud Backup Software Server


Sync is a free cloud backup software server for files as you can access and share them easily. If you’re likely to store and share all your confidential and sensitive data, then the Sync tool is always with you. It has end-to-end encryption that ensures all your data is 100% private. With a quick and easy process, you can share your files as it has the capability to store and share any size of the file.


  • File Sharing
  • Create Share Link
  • Collaboration
  • Set Permissions
  • Privacy and Security
  • Zero-Knowledge Storage
  • Files Encrypted in Transit and at Rest
  • Selective Sync
  • File Audit Logs
  • Remote Wipe
  • Remote Logout
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Real-Time Backup
  • Delete File Recovery
  • Sync Vault (cloud-only storage)
  • Set Expiry Dates


  • Available free trial
  • Business Standard Plan – $5/month/user of 1TB of storage
  • Business Plus Plan – $8/user/month of 4TB storage
  • Business Advanced Plan – $15/user/month of 10TB storage


This article provided a list of some of the free cloud backup software tools for files. These are well-known for file synchronization and sharing tools suitable for any type of purpose, either personal or professional. They provide 100% security to your data because they are open-source cloud storage service providers. Everyone has its special benefits, and all you have to do is to check the best that meets your requirements or not. Then decide to proceed to install and use it on your device. If you still have any doubts, go with a free trial, analyze the features/benefits that offer, and then decide for yourself.